Great Bookish Bakeoff

Great Bookish Bakeoff – Piñata cupcakes



The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them. 


I totally wrote the books I bake and the cakes I read while baking them when I started this post…. Wooops.
Any way! Hello Internet! Today I want to tell you about these amazing cakes I made! They were like kinder eggs in cake form with an edible surprise inside! I’ve wanted to make a pinata cake for a while, but my track record with full sized cakes isn’t great, so I thought I’d start off with cupcakes, just to see how I got on!

Things you will need:
Cake Cases
A cup cake corer
170g self raising flour
170g butter
170g sugar
1 egg
Mini smarties (two packs)
For the icing
75g butter
150g icing sugar
2 tablespoons of marshmallow fluff
Some sort of decorative things for the top
The book of your choice. I was reading Boomerang by Noelle August – which is actually proper good.

First things first, weigh out the sugar and butter, stick them in the mixer and cream that together, then in goes the egg and the flour and repeat until you have something that resembles cake batter. You know the drill, everyone knows what cake batter is supposed to look like. Seperate that out into the individual cake cases and cook on 180 for about 25 minutes, during which time you could wash up or you could read a few chapters of whatever book you’re working through. I was reading Boomerang by Noelle August, which is actually the first “New Adult” book I’ve ever enjoyed… Previous ones that I’ve read from this genre tend to be really exasperating at how badly they’re written, but Boomerang is genuinely well written, I care about all the characters, like there isn’t anything I don’t like about it! I was in fact so engrossed that I ignored my timer and almost had a traumatic cake experience.

Without setting the kitchen on fire, take the cakes out of the oven and let them cool down for a bit, this would be a great time to clean the kitchen… Or as I suspect you’ve guessed, I returned to my book. Once they were stone cold, (seriously, this book you guys) I very carefully, (because I don’t really know how to use it) I cut the middle out of the cakes using my cup cake corer and poured mini smarties in the gap, the bit of cake I took out, I then placed back on top of the cakes before making the icing. Now because I have a massive sweet tooth, I make all my icing with a few table spoons of marshmallow fluff in, you don’t have to do this of course, I just think it tastes hella good… So I bashed some of that together and spread over the top to hide the marks from cutting the cake up and sprinkled with sugary bits on top!
So there you have it! Pinata cup cakes! When you bite/ cut into them, you get a smartie surprise! Which is awesome enough if you know it’s in there, but imagine giving these to someone who just thought they were getting a plain old cup cake? Pure joy and wonderment.

If you give this a try but in actual cake form, please do let me know how you get on, cos like I said, I am really bad at making actual cakes!


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