Novel playlists: Losing Kit



Oh look, I’m bringing this feature back.
Its been a while, how you been? Good? Good.
So… I have this thing, where when I’m writing I listen to music to help me write a story and sometimes, I read a book that makes me come up with an entire soundtrack and apparently, I am not the only person who does this as my friend, Sophie, does the same thing and she created an entire playlist about a book that I wrote called Losing Kit! She’s even handily uploaded the whole soundtrack to 8tracks, so you can listen to the whole mix by clicking here

Here’s the soundtrack!

 Chrystalised – The XX
Soft Shock – The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
First of the gang to die – Morissey
It’s all about you – Mcfly
Universe and U – KT Tunstall
Sky – Joshua Radin
From Afar – Vance Joy
Heal Over – K T Tunstall
Unfold – The XX
One Leap – Joshua Radin


I am kind of loving this choice of music for this story! I wrote it whilst listening to the Smiths greatest hits on repeat, so a lot of Smiths songs ended up being featured in the story (I seem incapable of writing something where one of the characters isn’t a massive fan of the Smiths) but I Sophie chose some amazing songs to sum up the story and how it plays out, which makes me feel like less of a douche for writing about it!

If you’d like to download Losing Kit, you can do by clicking

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