what leah wore

What Leah Wore: You’ve got a friend in me



Oh look, another boring post about what Leah choses to wear!

Usually, these posts feature a variety of t shirts, today, I have a cooler weather option.



My Toy Story jumper makes me feel like a five year old again!
You can tell this is a retro photo by the fact that my phone is no longer the one seen in the picture! Also – my hair looks good here, lets pretend it looks like that everyday! Today was so full of cute that I couldn’t not wear the Toy Story jumper, basically, I’m on a week’s leave at the moment (the next few days will include adventuring to various places) so my mum and I took my 3 year old niece to the cinema for the first time ever for the peppa pig experience. Basically, it was like 4 episodes of Peppa Pig with one extra long episode at the end. So, for everyone in the room over the age of 5 it was a bit rubbish (and really over priced) but my niece loved every second of it and she was so excited when we were walking up to the cinema doors and standing in queue for the tickets and when she got to sit in one of the proper adult cinema chairs with her little thing of popcorn she looked like she might explode she was smiling so hard. It was seriously so cute I thought I was going to die.

Anyway, she hasn’t stopped talking about how we went to the cinema today and saw Peppa Pig on a HUUUUUUUGE Screen. So, that was nice!

Jumper – Forever 21
Phone case – Amazon

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