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Something completely different…

So you may have noticed that this is primarily a blog about cake and books. Its probably not a surprise to you that those are two of my favourite things on the planet, this post is going to be a little different though, because you know, even though I do love books and cake and I get passionate about both those things, there are a few other things that are important to me. Politics for instance.

I don’t really know where I am going with this post, I just have a these words floating around my brain and I need somewhere to put them, so like… Excuse the word vomit.

I have always been interested in politics, in fact, politics lessons at uni was one of the few things about my degree that I actually enjoyed, I liked the difference in opinions, I like hearing about why people have certain political leanings, I like talking about which people have what ideas and so on. In England (and in the part of England where I live) May 7th is a pretty important day, not only is there a general election, but in my part of the world there are also local elections and well, it looks like this might be one of the most important elections in decades and people are apathetic, disenfranchised and unsure of who to vote for, especially people around my age. I have friends and peers that aren’t registered to vote because they don’t see the point, I know people who are registered to vote but aren’t going to because they don’t know who their candidates are or they’re not able to get to the polls on that day and aren’t aware that they can still vote without physically being there. And well… This kind of makes me sad, not just because some people are going to be missing out on having their say, but because there is a whole group of people who are going to be under represented after 7th May.

Anyway, there is a point to this word vomit, the point is that this inspired me to start working on a video project – this isn’t a silly LeahIsDudish video, it’s not the sort of thing I upload on a Friday on the vague hope that it gets me noticed by danisnotonfire so I can tell him he’s pretty to his face, this is an actual proper documentary type thing that I am working on as part of my day job. And part of the reason I am telling you this is because it’s an excuse as to why I haven’t been posting all that much on here, but also because I’m very excited about this project and all the things I’m learning and because as of today, I have met three of the five candidates standing in my area for the general election. Obviously, I have my own political leanings and working at a newspaper I have an obligation to be impartial, so I went into all of these interviews as open minded as I could, but I still had some inherent prejudices so it was really interesting to meet these people, get to know them on a personal level and hear their ideas for the area that I live and their differing political ideas and honestly, some of my initial thoughts on these parties were completely correct, but others, not so. I’ve found myself actually considering other options for potential mps for my area and I’m really looking forward to meeting with the final two and getting their thoughts.

So yeah, some word vomit just so you know what’s going on in my life (like anyone cares) and to tell you how important it is to register to vote if you are in the UK and over 18 and to let you know that you don’t even have to go to the actual polling station if you can’t get there or can’t be bothered, you can get a trusted adult to vote for you, or post a vote. The only thing worse than not voting is just picking on someone random, so please like find out who are standing in your area, have a look at what they’re offering and pick someone who speaks sense to you. And like, when this documentary is ready, please give it a watch and I really hope it is helpful, even if it does only help one person.

So yeah. Sorry. Word vomit.

Leah out.


3 thoughts on “Something completely different…”

  1. I recently had a few politicians come to the door. Whenever I tried to talk to them about any issue, they told me it was the other party’s fault – the one before them – that did it all. They scoffed at any remarks I made despite my spending several years covering local political issues for a Daily Mail and General Trust offshoot. One man ignored me entirely, I was clearly not worth his time, and I almost felt attacked for asking questions. Not once did they tell me what they planned to do, they just heaped blame on the previous government, as though that would endear me to them.

    Their attitude was baffling, it felt churlish and I cannot help but think these people were career politicians. They didn’t want to make a difference, they didn’t care about people, it really disheartened me. Though I will continue to have an interest in public affairs, I feel even less confident that any party will represent my views and do what’s best for the country as a whole, not the rich elite who want to protect their own high standing.

    For our generation especially, we need to be more awake. We graduated when the recession hit, we managed to find jobs when there were (and still are) slim pickings, we took wages that were vastly lower than we anticipated they would be upon applying to university, we find – constantly – that the opportunities open to those before us are no longer available. Look at numerous ‘personalities’ and journalists in the BBC who walked into their jobs in the 70s and 80s. Tell me Richard Branson could do what he did today. Hell, there was a recent article on the BBC with a literary agent who only got where he was after a famous London agency rejected his manuscript and then offered him a job, though he had no work experience in that sector. His advice to those who wanted to follow in his footsteps? Do months of unpaid internships (and, I presume, get horribly into debt). I may also have a lot of feelings about unpaid internships, especially in our industry…

    Wow, and here’s some more word vomit for your word vomit, let’s just word vomit everywhere. Thanks for writing this though, it’s so important that people are aware about the important decision they will have to make soon. As you can see, I have strong feelings about everything… I should have probably blogged this, but here you go. I AM SO SORRY.

    1. Don’t be sorry, that was an incredibly articulate addition to my original point, is it any wonder why people are apathetic when that is the attitude of the potential mps in their area. Thank you for making this whole post a whole lot better!

      1. Dude, thank YOU for blogging about it. I wish other people did. It’s hard to find others in our generation who want to make a change, who are interested in politics and who understand how important it is to vote. We are all so privileged to be able to do that and know that it will be a fair-ish outcome, unlike many other places in the world.

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