The Read List

February reads…

I kind of like this feature, I know the title of it changes with each passing year, but what can I say, I’m a virgo, I like lists! Anyway, here’s what I managed to read in February.

helpHelp – Kathyrn Stockett
I haven’t read an ‘adult’ book for so long, it made a nice change, but it wasn’t the nicest of subject matter. I wanted to read this before watching the film and I am so glad I did! I really enjoyed it, despite how horrible some of the characters and situations were. Skeeter’s character was probably my favourite, I like a fiesty female writer!

breakfasyBreakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote
I make no secret of how much I hate the film, but I’d never read the book so I thought I might as well get on it. Honestly, the book was just as bad. Well… Truman Capote is a good writer, I just can’t with Holly GoLighty. Am I supposed to find her endearing? I just wanted to wring her neck she is annoying as hell. I might come back to this in a few years maybe, but I just… I couldn’t, she was just bordering on complete stupidity. Is there anyone in the world that does actually like Holly?

unspokenUnspoken: The Lynburn Legacy – Sarah Rees Brennan
WTF did I just read? Don’t get me wrong, it was very enjoyable and I had a whale of a time reading it but I have still got absolutely no freaking clue what is going on! So… They’re imaginary friends…. But actually they’re not imaginary… They’re both real and they can mind read…. Like it that other YA novel I read about modern day witches… But like… This was better. And there was some weird animal sacrifice and lots of banter… I liked the banter. The banter was great. But like… idk. Basically, this was awesome, but I can’t tell you what happened because I still don’t know.

alexAlex As Well – Alyssa Brugman
You know when you read something that could be awesome and then just isn’t? I had such high hopes for this, when I picked this book up I was excited to read a story about a teenager dealing with coming to terms with their gender, but all the characters in this story were so horrible that I found it hard to care about Alex’s situation. Even the parents were ridiculous and honestly, there was so much of the story that was so far fetched it trivialised the whole thing. Like, kids cannot just decide to change schools one day how did the author think anyone could just accept that that is a thing that can happen? With a little more attention to details, it would have been a much easier book to enjoy.

shockThe Shock of the Fall – Nathan Filer
Oh dear God I wish I were articulate enough to sum up how absolutely incredible this book is, but I’m not.
Many of the people I know who have read this have said the same thing: That it is good, but they can’t really explain why. I can certainly explain why, but I don’t think I’m convincing enough to make you want to go out and read it. It is perfection in book form, it captures the characterisations and the aspects of the story and those telling it perfectly and unashamedly. Basically, this might be my favourite book of 2015, but I’m still not able to formulate enough words to review it properly.

every1Every Last Word – Tamara Ireland Stone
I am super annoyed that this isn’t out for MONTHS like, seriously, I cannot praise this book enough, like Shock of the Fall and Falling Into Place, this is a book about mental health issues and like those two books which I also had the pleasure to read this month, it was done incredibly well and just, seriously, it is a book about OCD, growing up and poetry. Like, could you really need anything else with a book? Add in the fact that it is just really freaking awesome and you all need to just add it to your TBR shelves immediately. You can see my review here.

So, there you go, everything I read in February! Have any of you guys read any of these? I’m really looking forward to finding the rest of the Unspoken trilogy I reall liked Sarah Rees Brennan’s writing style, I just hope the rest are less confusing!


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