Happy belated World Book Day!

It may have escaped your attention, but today is World Book Day and here in England, schools like to celebrate this by letting staff and pupils dress as their favourite book characters. Being a local journalist working at a small newspaper, its my job to go to the local schools and photograph the kids in all their costumed glory and every year I’ve noticed that the costumes get less bookish and more tv and movie related as time goes on. This year the only real book related characters that I saw were various members of the Harry Potter cast and a Katniss Everdeene. Though, nerd highlights were Sonic the Hedgehog and Link from Zelda, the most popular two characters I saw were Anna and Elsa. Of Frozen fame. Which last time I checked was a film, not a book. (side note- I know it is loosely based on The Snow Queen) And I guess this just made me a bit sad.

World Book Day is a great initiative and encouraging people to read is ALWAYS a good thing. Film and TV aren’t bad. Hell, if you related to Anna and Elsa more than you do any other character, that’s fine, but on a day that is meant to celebrate books…. Should you, you know, not encourage people to celebrate books by actually dressing as a character from one? Literature has a whole heap of awesome characters, there has to be at least one you like and you wouldn’t have to buy an expensive Disney dress.

Although, I have to say, one of the kids I photographed was wearing a black suit, purple tie and a trench coat and I can’t for the life of me work out if she was supposed to be Constantine (graphic novel – acceptable) or Castiel (very meta considering the Supernatural books exist within Supernatural). Anyway, this blog post is rambly and doesn’t really have a point, but happy world book day anyway.

ps – as it’s world book day, fancy some free books? Click here!


5 thoughts on “Happy belated World Book Day!”

  1. I used to go as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, not strictly a book character I had books of the film and used to read the Disney and Me comic that had short stories in, so in my head it counted. My mum made my costume and I was really proud of it

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