what leah wore

What Leah wore: Mutant and proud





Here’s a funny story for ya’ll, I was wearing this amazing shirt of amazingness, hoping that someone would perhaps engage me in conversation about how cool the X Men are, when a middle aged chap stopped me to ask me if this was a local school. True story.



I suppose it might well be, but I can’t tell you that, the mutants are a secret after all.
I usually use this post to update ya’ll on my life, well… This week has been a bit rubbish tbh and I don’t know just how much I feel comfortable sharing, but you know. The week was pretty rubbish, apart from Friday, Friday involved being bought a Jamie Oliver’s Italian meal and catching up with old friends, so that was nice. But the rest of it, not so much.
I wore this for my radio show today in the hope that the training given to me by professor x would qualify me to be good at not obnoxiously singing along to every song I played, but alas, that power still eludes me.
T shirt – play.com


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