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March reads…

glee Murder for Choir – Joelle Charbonneau
Honestly, the goodreads reviews should have been enough to put me off of this, but I saw it at the library and I was like, I like Glee. Well… I say I like Glee. Its ridiculous and often terrible, but you know, it is fun and I was hoping that this book would be just as ridiculous with just as many crazy love triangles and catchy songs, but this was way more of a chore to get through than the television show has ever been. Though that maybe because the TV show does feature Darren Criss’ beautiful face.

15728577Side Effects May Vary – Julie Murphy
Wow! Just, wow. Having read things like TFIOS and Now is Good, it was interesting to see something that continues the cancer story if the miraculous happens and you find yourself in remission. It poses the interesting question of what would you do if there were no consequences, if you never had to answer to the things you had done and it is done really well. To read my review, click here.

16178111Ask the Passengers – A S King
I have wanted to read this for what feels like an age, so many of the blogs I read have recommended this and finally, I have gotten around to opening it and honestly, I am ashamed of myself for waiting for so long! This was incredible, I haven’t resonated with a character so much until I came across Astrid Jones and her small town life. I need all of the A S King now please.

16101171 (1)The Disenchantments – Nina LaCour
Oh wow, usually, I am suckered in by a pretty cover, I get so engrossed in the cover art I don’t check to see if the book is good or not. Luckily, this was hella awesome, if you like road trips, band tours, unrequited love, graduation stories and an existential crisis thrown in for good measure then you should pick this up, you won’t regret it. Honest. You can even check out my review here!

20821339The Shadow Cabinet – Maureen Johnson
I LOVE THE SHADES OF LONDON SERIES. Like for serious, amazing paranormal premise, ghosts, pretty people, a sassy American teenager, the secret service and my favourite city in the world, London, all in one series?! I know right, it’s a lot to take in, anyway, I read and LOVED the name of the star (because I am a huge jack the ripper nerd) and the Madness Underneath (because I am a little fascinated by the history of bedlam) and of course I also loved this because I am also intrigued by cults, ancient stones and greek mythology. Basically, Maureen Johnson couldn’t have written a more perfect series for me. Anyway, book three did not disappoint in the slightest and I am eagerly awaiting the fourth one in the series!

This might actually be the lowest amount I’ve featured in this post! Blame the fact that I have been working on a huge pre election project for work which is now unleashed onto the internet!! Check it out below!



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