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A blog post in lists.

Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Life has been pretty crazy recently and its been difficult to find time to sit down and write a review or rant about the things that are going on! I’m currently reading Me Being Me is Exactly as Insane as You Being You (or something like that) which I will (hopefully) be reviewing some time soon, one of the more interesting things about this book is that the entire novel is told in lists and well, I’m a virgo, I love lists, so I figured what better way to update everyone on what I’m up to then with a couple of lists! So, *mario voice* Let’s a go!

Five things I have been doing recently:
*Baking a birthday cake for my dad, my first ever two tier
*Creating a video about the general election for work
*Making my first short film
*Watching McBusted
*Planning my trip to Florida!

Three TV shows I am currently obsessed with:
*Once upon a time (alkdnalksdasfb its so good!)
*Game of Thrones (Winter is back bitches)
*Daredevil (like zomg.)

My four favourite books of the year so far:
*Shock of the fall – Nathan Filer
*Falling into place – Amy Zhang
*Every Last Word – Tamara Ireland Stone
*The Shadow Cabinet – Maureen Johnson

Six songs that are my jam right now:
*Bright – Echosmith
*King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar (whats the yams?!)
*Title – Meghan Trainor
*Best Fake Smile – James Bay
*Birth in Reverse – St Vincent
* Love me Like You do – Circa Waves (their live lounge cover was amazing!)

Seven channels you should be subscribed to on YouTube (apart from my own of course, which you’ve all totally done, right?)
*KickthePJ – if you don’t appreciate PJ, we probs won’t be friends.
*ChewingSand – Hazel’s Game of Thrones video was amazing and her time of the month videos are incredible.
*Jack Howard – He is doing a Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook and they all look so professional and well edited that I want to cry.
*Daniel J Layton – His last video. Nuff said.
*Hannah Witton –  Someone told me she was a New Tuber the other day and I was like whaaat?
*Nicola Golding – Her videos are amazingly insightful
*Sophie Prewett – Sophie is doing a body positivity project atm which I’m very excited about so check it out!

I’m really missing blogging regularly, I used to upload at least once a week, but I am also loving having so much going on! There will be – though don’t hold me to this- a run down of my recent Welsh adventure from last week where I saw Mcbusted and of course a review of the book I am currently reading coming fairly soon and I’ve just discovered that you can make cakes out of red vines and well, I love red vines and have a large amount of them I haven’t gotten around to eating yet, so there might just be a recipe coming your way too!
What have you guys been up to recently? Are you watching/reading/listening to any of the things I listed? What do you think of them! Let me know!

2 thoughts on “A blog post in lists.”

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I currently:

    *Am way, way, way behind on my CAMPNANOWRIMO
    *Have at least three family members obsessed with McBusted (I told my sister I’ll go see them with her at some point
    *Have so many books on loan from my local library I’m note sure I’ll ever read them all
    *feel like I need about 7 extra hours in the day

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