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April reads

I doubt anyone actually cares, but I’m just going to go ahead and assume that someone somewhere does, this is probably going to be the last post for a while for I will be spending the next two weeks in FLORIDA!!!! I am so freaking excited, I maybe 26, but I am going to Hogwarts and Disneyworld and I cannot wait!! So, while I am off bankrupting myself, you can get to look at all the things I read in April!

wakingThe Waking Dark – Robin Wasserman
Is there a book by this woman that doesn’t start with bloodshed? I hope to god there isn’t! Both this and the Book of Blood and Shadow are gory and eerie and just perfect for the Stephen King fans that have exhausted Stephen King’s back catalogue. This is supposed to be scary, it didn’t scare me, but that doesn’t mean that its contents aren’t completely horrifying,  there is murder and chaos and drugs and all manner of terrifying things going on. And of course, like her other book, it has an incredible opening.

winterWintergirls – Laurie Halse Anderson
Wow. This is a tough one to get through, not because of the writing, the writing is excellent and chilling and completely engrossing, but because of the subject matter. Wintergirls gets under your skin, it gets into your mind, it completely takes over you. For that reason, I think that if you are someone who has dealt with triggering situations like eating disorders or feeling a little mentally ill, it might be a bit much for you, but otherwise, if you want something challenging and difficult to read then this book is definitely one for your TBR lists.

likeLike Me – Chely Wright
This is a book I’ve wanted to read for a little while ever since one of my youtube faves recommended it. Its the autobiography of a country singer I wasn’t even aware of and although it isn’t the best written book in the world, I think its a fairly important one. The whole book is the story of a woman in show business who feels she has to hide her sexuality to continue to sell records and live the life that she does. Its a sad state of affairs, but one that many people feel they need to adhere to, thankfully, lots of people in show biz are starting to accept themselves and pave the way as role models for everyone else. Its certainly an interesting book.

you2Me being me is exactly as insane as you being you – Todd Hasak-Lowry
This is a book entirely composed of lists. Yes. Lists. Some are interesting lists all about our lead character Darren, how he feels and what he is doing. Others are completely pointless and probably shouldn’t have been there anyway. For a book that is composed entirely of lists, it is also very long, but the cover is pretty, the characters are interesting and although it wasn’t necessarily for me, I can see why a lot of people would like it, so I reviewed it for you!

18214414The Silkworm- Robert Gailbraith (aka J K Rowling)
I read the Cuckoos Calling last year for Mystery Month (and reviewed it because I loved it so much) so I figured, I should probably get onto reading the Silkworm at some point and return to the world of Cormoron Strike and honestly, I loved it just as much! I even reviewed it for you which you can read by clicking here!

24485950 (1)Conspiracy of blood and smoke – Ann Blankman
I read and reviewed the first in this series, Prisoner of  Night of Fog back last year (it, like this one was sent to me by the lovely people at bookbridgr to review) and was immediately captivated by the life of Adolf Hitler before he became the dictator we all know and hate. I guess, with the rise of UKIP and the upcoming election, things like this are just even more poignant. Anyway, the second one is set in a time after Hitler becomes chancellor and though I didn’t find it as compelling as the first, it was still wonderful. Review coming soon.

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