The Read List

June reads


17825130Vivian vs the Apocalypse – Katie Coyle
A lot of my faves read this back when it was an ARC and i’ve desperately wanted to get my hands on it ever since, it wasn’t anything like what i expected, but was still a pretty decent read and after suffering a bit of a slump reading wise this year, this and a Monster Calls has really ignited my passion for reading again! Result!

24991736 (1)Suicide notes from beautiful girls – lynn weingarten
You know how Pretty Little Liars the TV show is nothing like Pretty Little Liars the book series? Well, this is the book we wish PLL was based on, real mystery, real pretty teenage liars, a cast of intriguing characters… What more could you want? This book is pitched as being a bit like gone girl, I would say its infinitely better than gone girl. Find out more here!

church1Church of Marvels – Leslie Perry
See my review here. A rich tapestry of interwoven stories that really grabs you, shakes you by the shoulders and crawls under your skin. Also – its a circus book that doesn’t involve circuses so, if you, like me, are scared of clowns, you’ll be fine. Its not quite on par with Night Circus or Water for Elephants, but it is still up there!

invaders2The Invaders – Karolina Waclawiak
Man, I reviewed loads of books this month! This was a bit of a shock for me, like that cover did not give me any idea of what was on the inside! Its dark, like really dark, I don’t think I’ve read something with that sort of atmosphere in a really long time! Check out my ridiculous review, I was pretty off my face on heyfever medication at the time!

divThe Diviners – Libba Bray
Becky convinced me to read this, I’m super glad she did! This is long, man is it long, but it is so good. Like amazingly good. I am not at all articulate enough to be able to really express my thoughts on it, but its super good and I really liked it! I’ve been wanting to read some Libba Bray for ages and I’ve finally gotten around to it and I was so glad that I chose this one to start with! I’m one chapter away from finishing, I was trying to finish it last night, but I freaked myself out!

Also  – excitements, the publishing company that are marketing Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls have been tweeting quotes from my review today!


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