The Read List

July reads….

After spending so long barely reading anything, it looks like this month is the month of all the ARCs and all the reviews!

sometimesNever, sometimes, always – Adi Alsaid
I was a massive fan of Adi Alsaid’s debut, lets get lost, which i mentioned many, many times in my review of this. an endearing tale of two teenagers about to graduate from high school who decide to enact every single school cliche that they have been avoiding for their entire lives, including falling in love with your best friend. Which may or may not have dire consequences. Read my review here!

kiss1This kiss – Lucy Courtenay
A very cute book, but something that I am far too old to appreciate! The blurb is a little confusing, as it makes the story sound much more fantastical than it actually is, but its fun and light hearted and a great read for any young girls that you might have in your life! If you’re aged eleven, this is the perfect thing to curl up with!

Lair of Dreams - Libba Bray.

Lair of Dreams – Libba Bray
Just last month I finished the Diviners desperate for not only more Libba Bray, but also more Evie and co and what do I find when I head to Netgalley for a browse but the sequel! What amazing timing! While Lair of Dreams isn’t quite as creeptastic as it’s predecessor, I did still have a bloody good time reading it! There is just something about a supernatural, historical mystery novel, don’t you think?

Lorali - Laura Dockerill. Lorali – Laura Dockerill
I knew absolutely nothing about this when selecting it, only that I liked the cover and that Laura Dockrill’s name is often bandied about in the same sentence a the words creative and genius. I can now testify, having read the book that she is indeed a creative genius and that this book is amazing. Seriously though, I have never come across a book about mermaids before, in fact, I didn’t even know there were books about mermaids! I have now been enlightened and I want more, so if you can think of any to recommend me, feel free!

I don’t know, maybe its an ageing thing that is stopping me from storming through one book every three days like I used to, its honestly not because I have gained a social life because I am still as reclusive as ever! Either way, I only managed four books this month, but they were all pretty spectacular, so I’d call it a win regardless!



4 thoughts on “July reads….”

  1. I used to storm with a book every 3 days or so but I can’t do it now. Maybe it’s cause I always feel like I should be working. Sometimes never always is on my TBR. I’ve just read addition by Toni Jordan about a woman with OCD which I can’t recommend enough.

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