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What’s on my kindle 2.0 | ebook haul!

Well hello there! I did a post entitled What’s on my Kindle about a million years ago, just after my first Christmas having a kindle. Said kindle is still going strong, his name is Blaine (yes, I named my kindle Blaine) and has just passed his fourth birthday! So, I thought, as I had just had a bit of an ebook splurge – until I can have my own house with a dedicated library, I have to limit myself to ebook purchases only – I would do an update for you! Let’s go!

The first four on my list are ARCs from Netgalley, which I am incredibly grateful for!


The other book I have recently acquired on my kindle is Funky Jack Bonkins Nocturnal Detective Agency by me and my friend Chris, which now, finally has a free kindle download from here!

Anyone else have/read any of these?
What did you think, good choices, bad choices? Let me know!


8 thoughts on “What’s on my kindle 2.0 | ebook haul!”

      1. Vegan cheese literally tastes the same as normal cheese to me. I hate cheese anyway so I don’t eat any kind of cheese vegan or otherwise! Dark chocolate is accidentally vegan, so that isn’t any different, milk chocolate is a little harder to come by that tastes exactly the same, moo free chocolates taste pretty good, kind of like advent calender chocolate but there are vegan chocolates that taste similar but they’re very expensive! Vegan fudge is amazing though! They sell it in the co-op!

      2. I know a few people who say they don’t like cheese but love pizza? I don’t get it! Ooh, I like dark chocolate so that would be okay. I’m not really a fudge person. I’m usually just all about the chocolate and cheesecake!

      3. I’ve never had cheese on pizza because I don;t like cheese. Cheese cake is an upsetting omission from a vegan diet, being lactose intolerant I’m not supposed to eat cheese cake anyway, but I’ve made a vegan one that doesn’t involve cheese and that was proper good! (was expensive to make though!)

      4. That makes more sense to me. I know people who say they don’t like cheese but have cheese when they have pizza and love it. Did you manage to sort that cheesecake out that ended up frozen or whatever ot was?

      5. I did! It took forever to set but once it was slightly thawed it was amazing! I’d love to try it again with different flavours, it’s just a shame cashews are so expensive!

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