Novel Soundtracks: Never, Always, Sometimes




I know I’ve been raving about Never, Always Sometimes a little bit, I reviewed it for your pleasure here. This is a feature I haven’t done for a while, but in case you were wondering, I am still making playlists to books I read and this one was no exception. If this gets turned into a film and this isn’t the soundtrack, i’m gonna be mightily annoyed, just so you know.

Style – Taylor Swift
Cool kids – Echosmith
Tear in my heart – Twenty One Pilots
Best friend – Queen
My Generation – The Who
Tongue Tied – Grouplove
Redundant – Green Day
Weightless – All Time Low
Popular – Wicked Soundtrack
Bright – Echosmith
She’s so perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer
No Worries – Mcfly
The Kids are alright – Fall Out Boy

Is anyone else marginally obsessed with twenty one pilots at the moment? Like, I discovered them by accident and now I can’t stop thinking about them! I think Tear in my heart is my favourite of theirs… Can anyone recommend me something else similar to Twenty One Pilots?



2 thoughts on “Novel Soundtracks: Never, Always, Sometimes”

  1. You’re like the only other person I know who likes twenty one pilots. No one i know IRL does.

    Umm, I think the song Lakside View Apartment Suite by Mountain goats has a TOP feel to it. Might just be me though.

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