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Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! |Library Haul!

I was never really into Arthur as a kid, but that theme tune was pretty special wasn’t it?
So, when I was part of Booknotes, which, I’m ashamed to say, I haven’t done anything for in forever, I went to the library pretty much once a week, sometimes to take out books, but also to leave cute notes in books. This is actually my first library trip in the whole of 2015. We are eight months into the year and this is my first trip! Anyway, I have done nothing but read ebooks for pretty much the entire year and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to miss holding a proper book, so to the library I went and I thought I’d share my spoils with you!


The books I hired:
Notes on a Scandal – Zoe Heller
More than this – Patrick Ness
The Crane Wife – Patrick Ness
Trouble – Non Pratt

Books I bought:
The Drowning of Arthur Braxton – Caroline Smailes
Revolution – Russell Brand.


I’d be interested to know if anyone else craves reading a physical book after a load of ebooks and also if any of you have read/enjoyed any of these!
Also are there any other Trews/Lukeisnotsexy subscribers out there? Let’s be friends!


6 thoughts on “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card! |Library Haul!”

  1. I’m glad you’re bringing up Russell Brand and saying that you like his writing. I used to work in a bookstore and every time I his book (My Booky Wook) and then when he published the second book (Booky Wook 2), it just all gave me chills. I never opened one to see whether he was worth my while, I just always had this “stick-up-my-bum” attitude about him – just from the movies I’ve seen him act, I didn’t like him. But the fact that you’re, more or less, advocating for him and his books and his videos, I might be a little suaded to actually consider him in a future non-fiction read.
    – Krys

    1. See now I’m worried in case you hate it! The thing with Russell Brand – and this is something you’ll find with Booky Wook 1 and 2, is there is a lot of messing around and playing the clown, but there is also lots of very intelligent discussion, particularly on subjects of mental health and addiction. Maybe watch his videos before delving into the autobiographies to see how you feel, but i find that he often tackles interesting subjects articulately and makes a lot of intelligent points. I can’t say as I’m a massive fan of his as an actor, or a comedian particularly, but i do have a lot of time for the articles and essays he’s written and I’m excited to finally read Revolution I think it’ll be an extension of what he’s doing on youtube at the moment and if thats the case I’m likely to love it! Let me know if you do pick up any of his written works, it would be interesting to see what you think!

  2. I didn’t like Trouble, but I really hope you do. How have you stayed away from the library this long?!? I go there so often, even though I have books I’ve bought that I should be reading 😛

    1. Having now read Trouble I can understand why you wouldn’t like it, I found it a great quick read, very addictive, but I did have problems with how simplistic some of the narration was. I’d love to see some more of Non Pratt’s other books, just to see how she progresses as a writer. I don’t know how I’ve managed to stay away from the library for so long! I think its cos the library is never open when I’m in town! I’m hoping to get there a bit more often before the year ends!

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