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August reads…

Guys, I think I’ve found my reading mojo! All this year I have found it really difficult to get into books. I don’t know if its because I decided I wasn’t going to set myself any challenges and would just read what I want or if life keeps getting in the way, but I’ve found it increasingly more difficult to get into and really engage with books this year. That isn’t to say I haven’t ready anything good, I really have, so many of my new favourites were read this year, I don’t know what it is, but it appears to be leaving, as does my writer’s block! Novel number seven appears to be back on track! Woo! Either way, my mojo for words has returned with a vengeance, especially this month!

earlMe Earl and the Dying Girl – Jesse Andrews
I was debating doing a review on this, just because it has really reignited my passion for reading. This isn’t necessarily the best book I have ever read, but it was so engaging and addictive that I managed to finish it in a day, it’s been a really long time since I was reading a book a day, or a book every few days. I think thats just because although I was reading books that I liked and that I enjoyed, I wasn’t reading anything that really grabbed me and made me want to continue the story. Which this really did. I only picked it up from the kindle store because it was on offer and I keep seeing adverts for the film, now I think everyone should read it because it seriously was so engaging!

notesNotes on a scandal – Zoe Heller
This was so unlike anything I have ever read before. I literally picked it up because I really liked the cover, but honestly it was so intense and interesting. I debated reviewing it, but in the end, I figured the less said about it the better, that way, I can’t impede anyone else’s enjoyment of it! Basically you have a teacher having an affair with one of their students, told through the prospective of a intensely possessive fellow teacher. Obviously an adult in a position of authority having a relationship with someone under the age of consent is all kinds of wrong, but this really made you question just which person exactly was the manipulative one, which one was in the most wrong and being done the most harm. Incredibly interesting and fabulously written. Its not often I stick with a book where I hate all the characters!

moreMore Than This – Patrick Ness
It’s no secret that I love Patrick Ness and all he does for fiction. During my trip to the library I ended up picking up two of his books, this one had been on my radar for a little while, so I was very impressed to have found it! It was beautifully, poetically written, as all his things are, and although I loved it, I did have a few criticisms. The book is split into parts, part one was incredible, I loved every single second of it and found myself hungry for more. But once we got to part two and the motives and truths were unravelled, I found my enjoyment waning slightly. The thing is, the original concept and ideas of part one were spectacular and I would have loved the book to be completely about that rather than the sci fi element that we ended up with, but was still a brilliant read and one I couldn’t put down until the very end.

18138917Trouble – Non Pratt
I have seriously been searching for an affordable copy of this book for so long! As ya’ll regular readers will know, I have to pretty much stick to ebooks these days and I am always a little bitter at the idea of spending more than a few pounds on a book I won’t get to touch, smell or have to display on my shelf, so I was so happy to see it in the library. I did a little dance. The librarian gave me a look as if to say we don’t want your type in here. I used the self service thing, it was all very awkward. Anyway. This damn book. I flew through it, I was expecting it to be the best written story in the entire world because so many of my faves rave about it, and though it was good, it took a little while for the characters and story to settle and I did find myself getting angry at how little self esteem Hannah had. Maybe it was just the way I read it, but I cannot abide slut shaming, even if it is the person shaming themselves. Regardless, I found myself getting a little addicted and almost finishing it in one sitting. I think Non Pratt is going to be one of those authors to watch, because I have a feeling her future books are going to be marvellous.

craneThe Crane Wife – Patrick Ness
The other Patrick Ness story I picked up on my library spree. While it was gorgeously poetic, as all Patrick Ness books are, I can’t say as it is my favourite of his books. It was utterly genius, there is no doubt about that and I adored the opportunity to experience a folk tale from another culture, I just didn’t find it as engaging as other books of his that I have read.

23652426Year of the Rat – Clare Furness
I don’t really know what to make of this one. While I enjoyed the narration and I thought it was an incredibly powerful message and an important book in helping young audiences understand and experience grief, I did find that Pearl was a difficult character to like. While I understood her pain and I liked the rawness of the story, I did think she was a little self obsessed and she never really dealt with her problems and the thing that made her realise she needed to change seemed a little contrived. Overall though, I liked it. I think.

endThe end of the world as we know it – Iva Marie Palmer
I picked this up because apocalypse – cool. Also apocalypse involving aliens that target a tiny town and a group of people who were at a house party being the only humans left, that sounded awesome. I liked where the story was going but I don’t feel like it was executed in the best way, there were so many ridiculous things going on and I just couldn’t even. Sorry

blogThe Private Blog of Joe Cowley – Ben Davis
This was so funny, like really funny! The writing was really engaging and every page had me giggling, the only problem was that although it was fun, it didn’t feel like anything new, the story felt old and recycled which was a great shame. I guess maybe that’s because I wasn’t the target audience for this book, the blurb tells me its for people who are too old for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. While I don’t think you can ever be ‘too old’ for something, I do think that the language is a little too simplistic for my liking, but it was still a fun ride! I want to read more books about blogging/vlogging etc, so hit me up with recommendations!

goodHello, goodbye and everything in between – Jennifer E Smith
I love Jennifer E Smith books, they’re all so cute and adorable and make me want to hug something fluffy and squee. I was very excited to receive this to review from bookbridgr (thanks guys!), as I expected it was cute and adorable and made my heart go weee. Like super weee. As well as that though, it was a story about saying goodbye and moving on and growing up and it made me feel a lot of things ok? I reviewed it here, don’t let the fact that I happen to mention High School Musical 3 in it put you off!


4 thoughts on “August reads…”

  1. I read Me And Earl And The Dying Girl last month as well! Although I’m still not sure what to think of it. I also have More Than This on my TBR pile and I’m hoping I can get to that one soon. After loving The Knife Of Never Letting Go I really want to read more of his work.

  2. OMG so many books!!! I’m jealous as because I’ve been in the biggest reading slump ever since about May and I hate it!

    MEtDG has been on my TBR for ages but I’m trying to find an affordable copy (also don’t like spending more than about £3.50 on e-books) and my library doesn’t have it (say what?).

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