leah's stupid life


So, you might have noticed if you’ve hung around here before that I really like stories, I like telling stories and reading stories and one of the ways in which I like to tell stories is by film… So, I made one. It’s called Lost and its about my crippling existential crisis, unlike the me in the film, mine hasn’t been cured. But, you know. Whatevs.
This film looks nothing like how I wanted it to, mainly because I was shooting with natural light and one dslr, plus a group of my friends and I had to do acting and directing (seriously, acting and directing is HARD) and I was happy with this until Bertie Gilbert released Blue Sushi (check that out here because although he doesn’t need the promo, the film is amazing) and PJ Ligori released Oscar’s Hotel (again, doesn’t need the promo, but find out more here) and I realised that if I am going to try making films I really need to up my game.
But anyway, here is Lost in all its amateur glory.


Wanna help me live my dream and tell more stories? Then convince people to subscribe to my channel, not only will you regularly get to see me fail at life (I know, not much of an incentive) but the more of you there are, the closer I will get to being able to shoot at YouTube space using their studios and equipment. Also, if I get YouTube famous, maybe a publisher will want to publish one of my books. You never know.


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