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September reads

September being over always sucks because my birthday is in September and I’m always like, wow, look at all the things I haven’t achieved this year. Again. Bad times. Anyway, I feel like I haven’t read as much this month as I did last month, even though I did spend two weeks sat in a jury room where a LOT of reading took place! My goodreads reading challenge tells me I am 3 books behind schedule, so hopefully I can catch up in October!

revRevolution – Russell Brand
I haven’t read a non fiction book since I left university – there is something about academic texts that sort of puts you off the genre tbh. I mentioned in my library haul that I had wanted to read Revolution before the election, I had enjoyed watching Russell’s videos on politics etc and I’ve always enjoyed his writing style. I guess, the time I read it was still relevant because of the whole Labour Leadership elections, I found it a very insightful look at capitalism and our society as a whole, but I think the fact that I’m already a bit of a socialist meant I was a little clouded by it.

artThe Drowning of Arthur Braxton – Caroline Smailes
A few of the blogs I follow had raved about this book when it was first released and I had searched for it at the time to no avail, but then Luke Cutforth announced that he was making the feature film version and did a whole kickstarter thing to help fund it and well, that did wonders because suddenly, this was in stock again every where! I picked it up at the kindle store and it was amazing! While it’s definitely one of the weirder concepts I’ve come across in fiction, I found the narration to be incredibly engaging and honestly, I am kind of excited at the prospect of seeing it on the big screen.

scorchThe Scorch Trials – James Dashner
This was released at the cinema at the beginning of September, how has it been a year already since the Maze Runner was out? It feels like I was going to read this pretty much after I finished the Maze Runner but time slipped through my fingers it seems! Like the last one, I enjoyed it, but I’m not entirely sure why, the narration wasn’t anything special and the story itself bordering on the ridiculous at times, but it was super fun nonetheless!

deathThe Death Cure – James Dashner
Well, I couldn’t not move straight on to the Death Cure after the ending of the Scorch Trials! What is it with this series?! Each book has been so fast paced and so much fun that the bits of the narration, which aren’t all that strong and the bits of the story that are a little ridiculous (like seriously, how much more can WICKED do to these kids?!) don’t matter at all! This series has given me so many thrills and so many feels I think it might stay with me for a while! Also, now I’ve read the whole series, I think the casting for the next two films is kind of perfect!

beautyBeauty Queens – Libba Bray
Finishing this was definitely a case of wtf did I just read. It was incredible. Completely bat shit crazy, but incredible. I think this might be the most feminist book I have ever read, it was wonderful! So many strong, independent women, who were all different and didn’t just talk about boys! And there were LGBT characters and disabled characters and characters of colour and just ALL THE CHARACTERS! Also there was a touch of political dialogue and some conspiracy and dear God. Libba Bray is quickly becoming a fave.

rainWhere Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern
I bloody love this book, I ended up watching Love Rosie (the film adaptation) the other day and decided that I could do with a re read as it had been years since I read this and also ages since I read any Cecelia Ahern. Love Rosie wasn’t bad actually, way better than PS I love you’s adaptation, but still, the book was better. Why can’t anyone cast Irish actors to play Irish characters?

whenWhen We Were – Alexandra Diez
You can read my review of this here, while it isn’t a bad book necessarily, I didn’t get on with it very well, it reminded me a lot of Keeping You A Secret, which I didn’t get on with very well either to be honest. I do love a good LGBTQA story though and I would love to see what you guys think of it!

hitLook Whos Back – Timur Vermes
On the one hand I’m like, should I find a book about Hitler funny, but on the other I’m thinking, one way to make people like him less threatening is to see them as ridiculous and laugh at them. This book wasn’t the best I’ve ever read, but it was certainly very different and I had a lot of fun reading it!




5 thoughts on “September reads”

  1. I just finished the maze runner series as well and really enjoyed it! Like you, it’s a series where I’m not sure exactly WHY I like it but its great fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously. I do own the prequel as well so I will have to pick that up at some point!

    Beauty Queens is at the top of my wishlist after reading the Diviners, it sounds wacky but awesome and I’m so happy to see the diversity continues into her other books! I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

    1. I would love to know what it is about the maze runner series that made me love it so much! Have you seen the second film yet? I haven’t gotten around to it and I think I’ve missed my chance!
      Beauty Queens is a must read. Like it is ridiculous, but so many diverse characters and they’re all girls and they all kick ass and its just amazing!

      1. I did get to see it and I thought it was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was in fact! It’s very different from the book, but as I wasn’t a fan of the second book as much as the others so I didn’t mind. 🙂 Also, I jumped like a crazy person with some of the crank scenes, LOL.

        You know me, I like a bit of girls kicking serious ass!

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