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The book scavenger hunt

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to make me leave the comfort of my house its the promise of books, so when Sophie suggested a trip to a bookshop with an adventure like quest attached to it, how could I say no?
We headed to the Book Barn, which, as the name suggests is a converted barn filled with books, (the books are all £1 and under – if you live in Somerset, you should probs check it out if you haven’t already) for a scavenger hunt that Sophie found on the internet. The scavenger hunt gives you a list of specifics that you have to hunt for a tick off in order to win points, like we had to find a book from every decade.  That would probably be quite hard in your usual bookshop, but as the bookbarn is a haven for the weird and wonderful, it was perfect for this!
But why am I bothering to tell you this? Because its nearly half term and I know that a lot of the people who follow this blog also like to talk about books and I figured you guys would love to do something involving books that was something a bit out of the ordinary. And well, who doesn’t want to do a quest to find books? Having spent an afternoon in an old barn searching through literally thousands of books to tick challenges off of the list below, I can confirm that its jolly good fun and more people ought to take part!

Here is the list that we used:
– Find a book with the sky on the cover +2 points
– Find a rainbow of book covers +2 points for each colour, +3 bonus for full set
– Find 5 books that have been turned into films, +2 points for each
– Find a main character whose first name is the same as your middle name (for each person in your group), +2 points per person
– Find 2 books that share a title but are written by different authors, +3 points
– Find a book about dinosaurs, +3 points
– Find a book with food in the title, +2 points
– Find a book with a colour in the title, +2 points
– Find a book published in each decade of the 20th century. +2 points for each decade, and bonus +3 points for the complete century
– Find a non-children’s book with an animal main character, +3 points
– Find a series you love, +5 points
– Find a book with a robot on the cover, +3 points
– Find a book with gold lettering, +3 points
– Find a title that is 8 letters long, +5 points
– Find a book with a made up word in the title, +5 points (turns out our one was actually a real word so minus 5 points to us!)
– Find a book with an alliterative title, +5 points
– Find a book you ignored the world for, +2 points
– Find your favourite book, +2 points for each member of your team
We not only managed to amass a grand total of 104 points, but we found some amazing books, including (my personal favourite) a book of self defence for men and women that was clearly made in the eighties and featured so many mullets and ridiculous snippets of advice that I don’t think it would have actually helped anyone!

Sophie documented the whole thing which you can check out below:

If you decide to have a go at this, let me know how you got on and if you live in the general vicinity of the Book Barn, maybe you should head over there and check it out sometime!


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