what leah wore

What Leah Wore: Enchantment under the sea dance




Welcome to another edition of Leah tries to do fashion otherwise known as Leah decides to bore us all with pictures of geeky t shirts that she owns.
Today you get a double wammy and a retro shot. I miss my old iPhone and its amazingly cool cover. Especially because my iPhone appears to have started lagging a lot recently, opening and closing apps is taking forever, the battery dies if I so much as look at it and safari freezes like all the time. Bad times man. Also it won’t do the new update so no new emojis for me. #FirstWorldProblems

Anyway, you’ll all know that it was Back to the Future day the other day. Back to the Future is my fave film, but I felt like the internet was a bit overwhelmed with posts about Back to the Future. (Also, I totally forgot this was in my drafts.)
So, you get my absolute favourite film on a t shirt (Back to the Future). Fun way to bring this feature back, yes?



T shirt: Truffle Shuffle (seriously the most amazing place on the internet)


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