The Read List

October reads

This month has been an eclectic one in terms of what graced my goodreads shelves, I did discover How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix so reading has taken a back seat this month. That goodreads challenge is not going to get finished this year, especially as I’m taking on NANOWRIMO again this year. Anyway, here is what I managed to get through!

remixRemix – Non Pratt
I read Trouble not that long ago and while it wasn’t anything ground breaking, I did really enjoy her writing style. Remix was a lot of fun, but I felt like a lot of the drama was a little convoluted and not really necessary. Despite that, more fiction set at festivals please because it reminds me of the fun times I’ve had at glastonbury!

25618940Unmasking of a Lady – Sophie Dash
This isn’t the genre I usually go for, period drama romance really isn’t my bag. This though was a Darcy/Lizzie esque adventure featuring a dandy highwayman with a difference and a Major. Yes it is a romance with a oft used trope, but it is a hell of a lot of fun and exactly the sort of comfort read you need on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

25224799The Amazing Book is not on Fire – Dan Howell and Phil Lester
Yes, I know. I am trash and I will literally buy anything with Dan Howell’s face on it because it is such a pretty face and I am, well… trash. Fun fact, I was the first person to buy this in Cardiff’s Waterstones. Another fun fact, I got my friend to buy it for me, I also vlogged the experience. Anyway, this book is genuinely beautiful, it is colourful and fun and everything I wanted it to be. It also mentions my birthday, which just makes me think that maybe Dan and I are meant to be. #Deah. If you’ve read the Mighty Book of Boosh, this is pretty much the same in layout and content (maybe because Dave Brown did the art for both) but either way, whatever you might think of ridiculous unnecessary youtube books, while this isn’t exactly necessary, it is fun and it made me happy.

birdyBirdy – William Wharton
Dat cover art though.
This was so interesting and nothing like what I would normally read. Yes, i picked it up because of the cover. Anyway, this is a wonderful look at mental health and what really constitutes normal. It also deals with the trauma of having actually survived a war, which I find so few books do well. If you find a copy of this, do give it a read!

23058402 (1)The Art of Being Normal – Lisa Williamson
Reviewed here. I was worried about posting a review to this because I didn’t want to be inadvertantly problematic by using the wrong terminology, but it is such an important subject and as I am keen for more books of this ilk to be read and published, I thought I’d add my thoughts in as well.

18718848Mosquitoland – David Arnold
On the one hand, I adore books like this with existentialist teens struggling with their identity and dealing with mental health issues etc. On the other hand, it isn’t anything new is it? I loved elements of this book because I love Catcher in the Rye, Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Fault in our Stars and like all of those books, this was fun and quirky and had loads of really profound moments. My only real issue with it was that it wasn’t anything particularly new and there were a few moments that I thought were maybe a little… Racist? I don’t know if that is the right word, but there was some cultural appropriation going on and that didn’t sit well with me.



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