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This time last week, I had hit 10,000 words and although it was disappointing not have as many words as I wanted at that point, I did decide to start Nano at the busiest week ever. This week was similar, my stint as editor of the newspaper is now over, so I’ve had a bit more time to dedicate to nano this week and now I’ve hit a total of 21,000 words.

I want to be much further ahead than this, but honestly, I am so pleased that I’ve gotten over 20,000! After spending so long wallowing in writer’s block, it’s been great getting back into writing and having my head bursting with scenes and stories again. I’m not sure if I’ll manage to complete the challenge this year, or even if I’ll finish this story this year, but I’m enjoying the process which is the main thing!
Hope everyone else taking part is having as great a time and you’re happy with your word counts!

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