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NANOWRIMO is nearly over, I have a week and 23,000 words left to go. Considering that this past week has been a lot less hectic than the previous two, I have managed to write even less! I blame Jessica Jones being released. And Luther being added to Netflix. Damn you Netflix.
Anyone else started Jessica Jones yet? How brilliant is Davy T at being the bad guy? Kilgrave is the most fascinating, vile character I have ever come across, he’s so well written! I only wish I could write villains that good! Its making my nano story look a bit lame in comparison!
Anyway, despite the lack of wordage and that I have no villains as interesting as Kilgrave, this story is now actually going some where! It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for a really long time and have been struggling with, which is why I chose to take it into Nano this year and just try and get some words down and the thing actually has a plot now! It has a shape and  I know where I am going with it. It isn’t the best thing I have ever written, but I’m much happier with it than I was when I started!
Do you think I can manage 25,000 words in the next few days to hit the target? I am on the last episode of Jessica Jones, so it might be a possibility!


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