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Film Reviews in ten tweets or less – Bill Murray’s Christmas Special, Indiana Jones, Aladdin

As no one has told me that they hate my narcissitic ramblings yet, I’m going to continue with this for as long as possible. Just so you know.
I moved recently, so haven’t had many of my films with me to watch, but once I did, I ended up binging a couple!

A Very Murray Christmas

a-very-murray-christmasBill Murray rounds up an all star cast for an evening of music, mischief and barroom camaraderie in this irreverant twist on holiday variety shows. 

Picture the scene, I’ve just unpacked a load of boxes in my new place, set up netflix and then immediately started missing all my books and dvds which are still at my folks place while I await the buying of bookcases, I turn on Netflix and find this and well, who doesn’t love Bill Murray?

5th December

This bill murray christmas special is great

it has amazing cameos!

i’m waiting for miley

miley has arrived

she’s dancing with bill also george clooney is here, he’s making cocktails. What a guy. 

i hope george sings. 

he did! i cringed a bit. 

It has terrible reviews, but if you treat it like the cheese on toast that it is, yule love it. Pun intended.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

The year is 1936. An archeology professor named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles of South America searching for a golden statue. Unfortunately, he sets off a deadly trap but miraculously escapes. Then, Jones hears from a museum curator named Marcus Brody about a biblical artifact called The Ark of the Covenant, which can hold the key to humanly existence. Jones has to venture to vast places such as Nepal and Egypt to find this artefact. However, he will have to fight his enemy Rene Belloq and a band of Nazis in order to reach it.

I haven’t watched Indiana Jones since it was last on the TV… But the series is a firm favourite of mine and as my star wars collection is still at my parents house, I had to get my Harrison Ford fix from somewhere.

13th December

Now i have some dvds i’m watching indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark!
God i’d forgotten about the horrific trantula scene at the beginning 🕷

They showed us how they did these stunts at disney world!

I always wanted a hat like indiana jones

Its not the years its the mileage

Indiana Jones is one of those films that you think of really nostalgically and then you watch them and you’re just like, God, I love these films. I hate how some of the women are portrayed, but you know. Sign of the times.


AladdinWhen a street urchin vies for the love of a beautiful princess, he uses a genie’s magic power to make himself off as a prince in order to marry her.

This is legit one of my favourite Disney movies. No word of a lie, I sang along very loudly to everything when it was on TV not that long ago and when I was at Disney World, I cried like a baby when they showed the geni on the castle during the wishes performance.



13th December
Aladdin is like my fave Disney film

Do you know who else stole bread and sang about it? Jean Vajean.

yes I am singing along obnoxiously.

Still I think he’s rather tasty…

The cave of wonder’s guardian sounds like me when someone dares text me while I’m sleeping.

Prince ali fabulous he ali ababua

Tonight the part of Al will be played by a tall, dark, sinister, ugly man...

Eurgh what a great film that is.

Other films I’ve watched recently included Mockingjay part 2Scrooged (just can’t get enough of Bill Murray this holiday season), The Jungle Book (I got my dad to sing along and everything), How to Train your Dragon 2 (not as good as the first one, but awesome anyway and made me miss my cats), Twilight (it was on Channel 4 in my defence and I was waiting for Supernatural to start – not that I mind Twilight if you treat it as what it is, a trashy vampire movie), Love Actually (I hate uncle Jamie!), The Good Dinosaur (a bit too long, but made me cry nonetheless), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and A Knights Tale.



2 thoughts on “Film Reviews in ten tweets or less – Bill Murray’s Christmas Special, Indiana Jones, Aladdin”

  1. I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about watching A Very Murry Christmas, but given that one of my favouriate festive pass times is watching those really bad Christmas films on Channel 5 and Christmas 24 I think I need to give it a watch. Plus, I think I read somewhere that Micheal Cera’s in it, or is that wishful thinking on my part?

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