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December reads

Well hello 2016, you snuck in there didn’t you? 2015 has been a very up and down year for me and for the first time since I started recording everything that I’ve read, I’ve managed to not read as much as I would have liked. There was just so much going on in 2015 and I had so many different projects etc on the go and I forced myself to read as much as possible in order to get the numbers up. I think this year, while I still want to complete the Rory Gilmore challenge and I would like to read at least one book a week, I don’t want to focus on making up numbers, I want to read what I want and enjoy what I read and I’d like to do a bit more writing. So, I suspect this list will get shorter and shorter over the coming year!

lie 2Seven Ways We Lie – Riley Redgate
I reviewed it at the beginning of the month, it took me a while to get through because I decided to move… Yeah, don’t move while you’re not feeling well and try not to ever do it in December because seriously, December is an expensive, cold and dreary month! I seriously left behind tv remotes and everything. I even have one boot without its pair right now. Anyway, this was a great book, the characterisations are some of the best I have ever seen, we’re talking Rowling-esque levels of character building. Also we have a brilliantly diverse cast. It gets a thumbs up from me!

10381200Moon over Soho – Ben Aaronovich
I read Rivers of London about two years ago and loved it, honestly, I have no idea why its taken me so long to get around to reading the second in the series, but finally I have managed it! These books are so fun! Its kind of like if Harry Potter had joined the Met police… Anyway, the Peter Grant books are amazing and you know me, I love a book set somewhere I’ve been and being someone that knows London very well, its always a joy to read about people stalking about down side streets or going to parts of the city I know. I’m a bit lazy like that. Bring on book three.

9711714Everybody sees the ants – A S King
I remember when I read Ask the Passengers, I desperately wanted to read everything ever written by A S King, but then life seemed to have happened. I have a lot of A S King on my kindle, I went on a splurge after Ask the Passengers. Finally I’ve gotten around to it. It was a bit of a weird one and although I’m in no doubt that it was incredible, I am not entirely sure what to make of it. Maybe I’ll think on it and come back with a bit more articulacy another time… Or not. Don’t get your hopes up.

9460487Ms Peregrin’s home for peculiar children – Ransom Riggs
I have so many thoughts on this book! It’s one that I picked up forever ago, but have never gotten around to reading. Turns out, the thing to do to get yourself to read all the books you haven’t read is to move house and leave all your books at your parent’s house! Anyway, this was one of the most interesting books I have ever read! Not only did it have a wonderful story about physical and metaphorical monsters, but it was brilliantly written, but it featured all these amazing photographs that were real pictures that had been donated by actual collectors! I’m very excited to track down and read the next one!

Carry On

Carry on – Rainbow Rowell
When I first heard that this book was a thing, I could scarcely believe it, Rainbow Rowell had actually written the fan fic that featured in Fangirl? Amazing. And amazing is exactly what it was! I absolutely adored this. Like, actually, Carry On was so much fun I think I enjoyed it more than Fangirl! I need Rainbow Rowell to give me an entire Simon Snow series right now, much like Cath, I need more Baz and Simon action, I think they might be my new OTP!



2 thoughts on “December reads”

  1. I’ve read two of these 🙂 Peter Grant is awesome, I think the third one let him down a little bit but I enjoyed the fourth one more so stick with it if you feel similar when you get round to number 2!

    Miss Peregrine I wasn’t so sure about, I loved the use of old photographs but I wasn’t convinced by the ending so I’m not sure how much I want to find number two… I really do love the old photos though, I find the glimpses you get into other people’s lives fascinating!

    1. I’m sad to hear the third Peter Grant isn’t so good, I’ll stick with it if the fourth one picks back up! I’m not sure if I’ll read the second Miss Peregrine, but I did really love the first one mostly because it was the most unique thing I’ve read in a while – the photos were the best bit!

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