To wed a rebel

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To Wed a Rebel – Sophie Dash

I know this is a bit of departure from my usual reading habits, but I know the author of this book and honestly, she is an incredible writer. I’m not saying that as her friend, I’m saying that as someone that likes good writing. You can check my last review of one of her books here. But for now, here are my thoughts on To Wed a Rebel.

A fighter, a drinker and a notorious seducer, Isaac Roscoe was the last man that innocent Ruth Osbourne would ever consider as a husband – but that was before Roscoe ruined her prospects and reputation!
Now destitute and disinherited Ruth is faced with an impossible choice, a life on the streets or exchanging vows with the man who put her there. Yet, knowing that marriage was Roscoe’s last wish, Ruth knew her revenge would be best served by saddling him with a reluctant wife.
Determined to punish Isaac for his actions Ruth will stop at nothing to destroy him, body and spirit. Until it becomes clear that nothing she can do will hurt her disloyal husband more than he can hurt himself…

 So, much like Unmasking of a Lady, this isn’t anything that hasn’t been done before, Isaac Roscoe is your typical arrogant Gaston type man, Ruth’s situation has been seen hundreds of times in period dramas and throughout history, but once again, the writing is so charming and fun, you don’t really mind. As unlikely as it might seem, this is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read this year so far. It’s fun, its fast paced and the writing style is like sitting down with an old friend and hearing about their exploits, its familiar and comforting. The perfect thing to distract you from life and from the mental weather we’re having here in the UK at the moment. Like, you’re worried about going outside because one minute its tropical and the next its Arctic? Worry no more, because with this book in your hands, you won’t even notice the weather, you’ll be too engrossed in Isaac and Ruth’s story.

Apart from the fact that narrative is a joy, the characters are really well put together. One thing that this author does really well is world building, her character intros are a source of much jealousy for me, how does she do it so well?! I need to know her secrets. Anyway, from the moment you meet Isaac and Ruth, you feel like you know them. Where most books with dual narration struggle, this is actually a strength with To Wed a Rebel, the level of self loathing from Isaac is almost tangible and Ruth’s desire to avoid confrontation is palpable. While it is obvious from the title and the blurb that this is a romance, it isn’t your straight forward romance, yes there is a slow burning attraction between the two leads, but there is more to their meeting and their relationship than just opposites attract from staring across a ballroom.

Last year when I read Sophie’s first book, I mentioned that I hadn’t read very much historical fiction, I’m sad to say that is still a fact, maybe come her next one, I’ll be well versed! What’s that you say, next one? Yes. I am confident this is an author we will be returning to, this is a wonderful book, its so much fun and there will be very few other books that will have you smiling by the last page.


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