Love and other man made disasters


Love and other man made disasters – Nicola Doherty

You know when you open a book and you start reading the first page and you just immediately fall in love with it? That was exactly how I felt ploughing through the first sentence of this book. Plus there was a Fault in Our Stars reference on the first page, so this was right up my street!

Juno is scared of a lot of things. Climate change, urban foxes, zombies – the usual. So when she goes on a skiing holiday with her mum’s adrenaline-mad new husband and his tearaway twins, she doesn’t hold much hope of surviving. Then she meets Boy. Gruff, hairy and thrill-seeking, he’s everything Juno doesn’t like. Or is he? Juno’s about to discover there’s nothing more scary than falling in love.

Juno was such a great character. Its rare that you come across a character that seems to have a lot in common with you, she was real and funny and I got so much joy out of reading about her escapades on the Austrian slopes. This book was by no means perfect, sometimes Juno’s worrying was grating, sometimes her family were infuriating, sometimes I wondered what Boy’s motivations were at all, but that didn’t stop it being a fun, quick read. You need one of those sometimes you know? Books don’t have to always teach you something or say anything profound, sometimes, you just need something engaging and witty, which is precisely what this was.

The entire thing takes place on a family holiday which Juno’s step father has reluctantly invited her on and despite her fears and the fact that she would rather be revising for A Levels that she’s really quite anxious about, she spends most of her time being forced into learning how to ski. This was where the aforementioned grating came in because you know, I’d be quite happy to have someone pay for me to go to Austria and learn a new skill. Its not all bad though, cos she does meet a boy and there’s a cute little romance and some tension, which was fun.

Basically, this is a great, fun little YA story which is great for people who love John Green and Stephanie Perkins style narration, so would recommend!


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