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What’s on my kindle 3.0 | ebook haul

I know actual physical books a more fun to read than kindle ones. I know they feel nicer and they look nicer and they smell nicer, but I just don’t have the space to keep buying books. I have even less space now I live in a flat by myself with one book shelf and one book shelf only, so ebooks are my future for now.
Last Summer I made a post about all the new books on my kindle, so I figured, why not do an update because there is a couple more on there all these months later, also because I read so many kindle books, it means I don’t get to show off the beautiful covers that some of these books have, so I figured why not display the art work and tell you a bit about what is sat on my ereader right now?

So, lets run through some of these!
The majority of these are ARCS from Netgalley, its super good of them to do ebook versions of advance copies, it means I don’t have towers of books every where!
The ARCS I’ve been sent are:
You Know Me So Well (which was reviewed here)
Wrecked (reviewed here)
Love and Other Man Made Disasters
The Only Thing Worse than me is you
To Wed a Rebel

And finally, the books I’ve purchased:
When we collided
You’re never weird on the internet

You can see more of these books over on my YouTube channel – so like, feel free to pop over there and subscribe and stuff.

Anyone read any of these? Do I have delights awaiting me?



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