Novel soundtrack: The Martian


Ok, that probably didn’t need to be in caps, but seriously, wtf have I been up to? I used to love doing all these little features and where did they go? Disappeared into the ether. Anyway, I’m bringing this feature back because I read the Martian a little while ago. Yes, I know, this was already turned into a film that I have already seen and has a pretty amazing soundtrack, but I was so annoyed when I saw the film that they made an entire movie about a man being on Mars and didn’t use the song Life on Mars despite having other Bowie songs in the soundtrack. So, here is my alternative soundtrack, a playlist for the novel, which is mostly an excuse for me to create a list of songs that vaguely have something to do with space…

Life on Mars – David Bowie
Another girl another planet – Blink 182 (I know that’s not the original artist, but its the only version I have)
Star Girl – Mcfly
Across the Universe – The Beatles
Space Oddity – David Bowie
Bulletproof Heart – My Chemical Romance
Saturn’s Pattern – Paul Weller
Supermassive Blackhole – Muse
Intergalactic – Beastie Boys
Goner – twenty one pilots

I guess I could have made a love song playlist, as the Martian is at its heart a love story between a man and his potatos, but I just wanted a collection of space songs and then I was like, there was an actual point when we all thought Mark Whatney might be a goner, so…. Any excuse to stick a twenty one pilots song in there eh?


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