#LoveThisQuote – You Know Me So Well



I still haven’t found the bookmark that used to make this feature fun. Sad times.
I was sent an ARC of David Levithan and Nina LaCour’s new collaboration recently, You Know Me So Well, a fun, LGBTQA+ romp around Pride Week in San Fransisco and during one emotionally charged moment of the story, I came across the following quote and it really resonated with me.

We grow up and we lose ourselves. Sometimes, when my favourite songs are on, I have to stop what I’m doing and lie down on my carpet and just listen. I feel every word they’re singing. Every note. And to think in twenty years or ten years or five, when I might hear those same songs and just bob my head or something horrible. Then I’m sure I’ll think I know more about life, but it isn’t true, I’ll know less.

It resonated with me because this has already happened to me.
I remember being a teenager and hearing My Chemical Romance for the first time (I will always be an emo at heart) and just having to stop and process what was being sung because it meant so much to me. Now when I listen to MCR (I still do because duh) I don’t stop and listen, I just sing along and enjoy the music, but it doesn’t mean the same thing as it did. I never used to be able to listen to twenty one pilots in the car because I liked to just lie in bed and listen to them, now I can drive while they’re on and it scares me. Does this mean I’m getting old?!


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