Pokemon Go Book Tag


Now if you saw my July wrap up, you’ll know that I LOVE Pokemon Go, so imagine my excitement when I came across this tag! This tag was created by Aentee @ Read at Midnight (she also created the beautiful header! I hope you guys don’t mind me using it) and I spotted it over on Nut Free Nerd!

So without further ado, lets go!

Starters: The book that started your love for reading
There are so many things I love from my childhood, but I think I’ll go with the Worst Witch because it was one of the first things I remember reading on my own and really loving.

Pikachu: An iconic classic that you’ll always love
I’ll be honest, I am an awful book worm because I find classics really hard to get one with, so I’m going to go for the Hobbit… It still counts as a classic, right?

Zubat: A book you lost interest in because its literally every where
Hahaa, so. many. zubats. I am also apparently constantly surrounded by pidgeys and rattats. Where my interesting pokemon at? Anyway, I think I’ll go for Me Before You. It suddenly was all over my goodreads time line and when I read it I was a bit meh, but now I’m sick of the sight of it!

Ditto: A book that reminds you of other books, but you love it anyway
Literally every teen vampire novel ever written.

Snorlax: A book/ series you haven’t started because of sheer size
I started A Song of Ice and Fire. I still have like four books left to read, but they’re soooooo long and I can just watch the TV show. I know. I am lazy and I hate it.

Gengar: A book that kept you up at night
A Book of Blood and Shadow – Robin Wasserman. OMG I don’t think this woman has ever written a book that doesn’t start with blood and intense fear.

Nidoqueen/King: Your bookish OTP
Its been a months, but I am still not over Baz and Simon from Carry On. Sorry.

Rapidash: A fire hot, fast paced read
I wouldn’t say it was hot, but I raced through When We Collided – Emery Lord.

Eevee: A series you will never get tired of seeing spin offs for
Harry Potter. I have nothing else to add. I will read and watch every and all spin offs and additions that JK Rowling wants to throw at me.

Magikarp: A book/ series that was surprisingly awesome
The Drowning of Arthur Braxton – Caroline Smailes, everyone I knew who’d read it told me that it was weird. It is weird, but it is also one of the most original and exciting stories I’ve read in a very long time.

Legendary: An overhyped series you’re still excited to read
I can’t think of a single thing to answer here! Every over hyped series I can think of doesn’t instil me with a great desire to read them and all the series I do want to finish aren’t over hyped…

Mew and Mewtew: Collectors edition you wish you had
Is it cheating to mention Harry Potter twice because I wish I had the pop culture collection, you know, the ones that look like this:


Poke-egg: A debut you’re looking forward to
I don’t know if its a debut, but I keep eyeing up The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett everytime I go on Netgalley desperately waiting for it to be available to my country!

Lure Module: An author you auto buy
My go to answer here was always David Levithan, but after reading his most recent publications now I’m not so sure

Server’s Down: A book you’ve been waiting for forever
Its not a case of waiting for it because its been out a while, but I am desperately waiting to find a copy of All the Bright Places because everyone tells me how incredible it is and I can’t find it ANYWHERE.

Now comes the part where I tag people… As I wasn’t tagged myself, let’s make this a free for all!



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