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Help! I want to read more non fiction.

Why hello there, can you help? I am on a quest to read more non fiction!
So the other day, I was perusing the YouTubes (I do that most days tbh) when I happened upon a video about non fiction books that had changed someone’s life, I read a lot, but I don’t spend that much time reading non fiction, I’m still feeling the burn from university tbh, but I’ve been wanting to get into more non fiction titles for a while now, I like learning, so… I should read more, right?
Anyway, tldr, I watched the video, it was very interesting and gave me some titles to look up next time I’m near the library, but it made me think about the few non fiction titles I have read, which made me think of you. Yes. You. Scared? Don’t be.
Sometimes I post stuff on YouTube, and when I post stuff about books, it generally makes my Twitter notifications do their job with people either talking to me about the books I’ve talked about, or recommending titles based on the books I’ve talked about. So, long story short, I figured I would take my hunt for non fiction onto YouTube and then I figured I would share it here.

So, if you can think of any non fiction titles that you’ve really enjoyed, let me know! And if you want to read any of these, check them out!


4 thoughts on “Help! I want to read more non fiction.”

    1. That would be great! Stuff along the lines of the videos I talked about would be a good starting point for me, books about letters (like the Scott, Zelda one I mentioned) I like a good letter! Books about historical events are also high on my list of things to look for, particularly about America or outside of Europe because we don’t get taught much about that stuff!
      Anything you can think of chuck my way!

      1. I can’t think of any letter ones , but here’s a few recs: “My Life on the Road” by Gloria Steinem, “How to be a Heroine” by Samantha Ellis, “Without You There is No Us” by Suki Kim. Looking through my Goodreads made me realize I need to read more non-ficition too!

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