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October round up

Winter is coming.
I can now legitimately say that. That is terrifying, 2016, you need to slow the eff down. Anyway, October. Firstly, the month started with my friends, Chris and Julia tying the knot! The heavens may have opened, but it was such a lovely day and so nice to see them happy! Also Chris and a bunch of my buds performed in the band at the reception which was incredible! Well done guys! This month, I also spent a few days at Disneyland Paris, it was cold af, but there was barely anyone there which was amazing, I may be British and therefore good at queuing, but I do not enjoy queuing, so it was amazing to only have to wait five minutes to enjoy all my favourite rides.  This time I got to actually stay on site, which I’ve never done before and was a bit of a surprise as my friend booked the whole trip and kept that bit quiet until we got to the airport. I do bloody love Disneyland, like, seriously, I do well up every time I walk towards that big pink castle.  October also called for another birthday event, this time for Charlotte’s birthday, which involved us trying really hard not to cry at the stories on Stand Up To Cancer in front of each other while she opened her presents. And of course there was the terrifying clown epidemic, big bag of nope. This month, the aforementioned Chris and I also began our next writing project…! You can download our previous collab here for free!

What I read this month:

7537072I heart Paris – Lindsay Kelk
As I was in Paris at the beginning of the month I thought I’d give this a go. I haven’t read the other books in the series and I don’t know if I’ll bother tbh… While this saw me through an hour and a bit on the train as I started my travels to Paris, (I got upgraded to first class for part of my journey purely for being the only person on the train! Result!) I spent most of the time shaking my head in bewilderment at what was printed in front of me. Like for serious, how does so much ridiculousness happen to one person? Seriously, the mishaps in Bridget Jones were believable, the mishaps in this one? Nope. Not one bit. How has this woman managed to survive this long?!

19501Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert
I’ll admit I was a little sceptical about this… Most people I know who have read this have complained about it so I was a bit wary, but I was loaned it because of the whole wanting to read non fiction thing. Anyway, I think Elizabeth Gilbert is a great writer and a talented story teller, reading about Italy and its culture was super interesting, as was learning more about a subject I don’t have an awful lot of knowledge on (yoga)… However, it was a tad religious for me and I couldn’t ever really get past the fact that the writer is in an incredibly privileged position and had the opportunity to run away for a year to learn Italian, find herself and then find love… The majority of people suffering from depression and existentialism don’t have the financial support to be able to do those things and I think that should have been acknowledged in the book, but it was a solid ok, so… Non fiction reading is clearly going well. I also watched the movie this month.

22466429Kids of Appetite – David Arnold
Firstly, many thanks to Bookbridgr for sending me a copy of this! You can see a much more thorough review here, but for now, let me just say that I really enjoyed this! I liked the last David Arnold book I read, though it did have a few moments that were a bit problematic…. it was kind of wonderful to see how much he’s developed as a writer with this follow up. This was just so engrossing and I really enjoyed the way the story was told. Also, how interesting were all the characters? Do check this out if you get the chance!

29638189When the Floods Came – Claire Morall
Yet more thanks go to the lovely folk over at Bookbridgr for also sending me this! Its so pretty, look at that cover, also a very believable dystopia about future Britain after being ravaged by extreme weather and disease. The narration was a little hard to get to grips with at some points as it goes off on tangents and then back to the original point frequently and it is very slow, its definitely something that you are going to spend a lot of time on, reading this is almost a committment… Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!

Films I watched this month:

You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter, have been keeping up with my Film reviews in 10 tweets or less posts or this video, that I really like films and that I spend a lot of time watching them, so here are all the films (some new, some rewatches) that graced my television this month!

  • Pitch Perfect
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hotel Transylvania 2
    This is my niece and nephew’s new favourite movie. I think I’ll be watching it many times in the coming months
  • Drive Me Crazy
    I couldn’t not watch this after hearing Sophie’s podcast!
  • Wayne’s World
  • Eat, Pray, Love
    I read the book this month, so thought I’d check out the film.
  • Corpse Bride
  • Paranorman

TV I watched his month:

  • Gogglebox
  • Ripper Street
    Dat ending though! I’m debating getting Amazon Prime just so I can see the new series now!
  • Go 8Bit
  • Great British Bake Off
  • Luke Cage
    I’m not sure what to make of this, I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but it was entertaining! I might give it a rewatch!
  • National Treasure
    Technically, this aired in September, but I finally got around to watching it this month and OMG it was incredible. All the awards, just take them now.
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Brooklyn 99
    I am up to date now. Also I have a planet sized crush on Jake Peralta. Don’t tell anyone.
  • Supernatural
  • New Girl
  • Class
    Is it technically a webseries? Whatever, I watched it and it was amazing. Legit, this show is better than the last few seasons of Doctor Who, I may write an essay and present it to Steven Moffat. Well played Patrick Ness. If you don’t believe how great this show is, “Holy mother of Kanye” is a genuine line from it.

I accept that I have watched a ridiculous amount of TV this month. In my defence, I don’t have many friends. Also – even though I dip in and out rather than watch religiously, I do have to give a shout out to Emmerdale this month, not only was their car crash story line incredibly well done, but an actual character on actual British TV actually said the line “I’m bisexual.” I thank the Gods for Robert Sugden.

I was thinking of doing a whole post about it… But then I found this article that summed all my thoughts up so much better than I could do!

My favourite Instagram posts this month:

Awaiting the arrival of the world's best glam rock band #ChrisandJuliasWedding

A post shared by leah-marie (@leeeeeeeeah) on

So this month began with Chris and Julia’s wedding, which was such a lovely day and included the groom performing in the wedding band – pretty awesome!

Sorting through photos and unpacking. I wanna be back in dlp

A post shared by leah-marie (@leeeeeeeeah) on


A post shared by leah-marie (@leeeeeeeeah) on

The biggest thing I miss about living with the parents is that they have cats and I can’t have cats! I want to live with cats again!

What I did on YouTube this month:

What I loved on YouTube this month:

If I were more interesting, I would aspire to do a monthly video round up like Erica’s videos because CRAMPS is honestly one of the best things on YouTube and the September instalment was incredible and heartbreaking and I felt all the emotions (just check out her whole channel its so good). I am mentioning this episode of the Philip DeFranco show, partly because Philly D is part of my daily routine (also a bit because I tend to accidentally recite his outro whenever I’m telling someone I’ll see them tomorrow) but mostly because there has been some crazy clown nonsense going down and like most people I am TERRIFIED of clowns but my boy Phil got my back with his three rules on how to cope with a rogue clown. Also, as its halloween month and all, have to mention Spooky Week on Dan and Phil Games really don’t we? And of course, here’s my bud Joe being all articulate and intelligent again.

3 thoughts on “October round up”

  1. Disneyland, wheeeeeeeeee!!!! So cool. I went to DParis when I was younger and LOVED IT (obvs) but I would really like to go back because I would appreciate it even more now.

    I get you on the Lindsey Kelk. To be honest, I don’t even know how I like those books, they go against everything logical in me, they also go against all my logic, and yet, I enjoyed them a lot. I Maybe I was just in the right mood? Plain bizzare! Anyway, the most recent one in the series I couldn’t stand and gave one star, so I think that’s me done.

    *high five for watching Gogglebox.*

    1. I def think I like disney now I’m older than I did when I was younger… Though I’m still a bit scared of people in costumes, I do like all the rides and stuff now!
      I don’t know if I should read any of the others? Like if I started at the beginning maybe I would find them endearing rather than ridiculous… I don’t know, what do you think?
      (gogglebox is my fave… I have a weird crush on Louis…)

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