#LoveThisQuote: And the Hippos were Boiled in their tanks


You may know, if you actually managed to sit through this entire video (and if you did, I’m sure you deserve a medal) that I have never really been into the Beat Generation, but always wanted to explore them a little more. I read On the Road a little while back and even though Kerouac’s writing style is very different to what I usually like, I kind of fell in love with it. On the Road is the perfect book for people like me who aren’t really sure who they are yet and have fantasies of roadtrips. This has a similar narrative structure to On the Road, but fictionalises a real life event, that is the murder of David Kammerer. If you’ve watched Kill Your Darlings, which you totally should, the story won’t be new to you, but it was still interesting to see it from Jack Kerouac’s and William Burrough’s points of view. Also I am still on the look out for more Burroughs to read, so let me know if you’ve ever read any of his work and if its any good!

Anyway, in the opening pages of this book, I found the following:

I’ve figured out a whole philosophy on the idea of waste as evil and creation as good. So long as you are creating something it is good. The only sin is waste of your potentialities.

You know when you find a phrase or a quote and you’re like, that is so true, I should live by this? Well, I need to live by this.

Any of you guys ever read the Beat Generation before? Got any recommendations?


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