#LoveThisQuote – Suck it and see


So, not only did I lose my bookmark which allowed me to highlight wonderful book passages, but I have now also lost my quote book. Yes, I am a nerd who keeps, or rather kept, a note book full of quotes from books, off the telly, things people said I thought were profound, song lyrics… All that kind of thing and now it is gone. So, now I’m gonna have to rebuild my library of quotes and I figured lets keep them somewhere with a backup, so here we go. And the first one I’m starting with is sort of on theme because its from the soundtrack of a book adaptation.

I pour my aching heart into a pop song

I couldn’t get the hang of poetry

– Suck it and See, Alex Turner, Submarine soundtrack

If you’ve not seen Submarine, I thoroughly recommend it, not only did I enjoy it so much better than the book (I think the book, being written like a teenager’s diary made the main character just seem really whiny and irritating), but its directed by Richard Ayoade who is amazing and the soundtrack is written by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame.


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