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December round up

Wow. We made it. This month was kind of a strange one for me, it was a month of firsts, it was a month of endings and it was a month of reflection, as well as being Christmas and all. Firstly, I celebrated my one year anniversary of being in my flat. I’ve been an adult for a whole year! Go me! I also preformed my first ever show as a ukulele player as part of the Frome Ukulele Group, my niece appeared in her first school nativity play, we took our first ever train trip together, went to many a festive party and generally, this month has been fun!

What I read this month:

12600138Ready Player One – Ernest Cline
My brother lent me this! This is a big deal if you know my brother, the boy that spent our entire child hood ignoring the written word, but who now actually likes reading! This is his favourite book apparently and I can see why! I’m not much of a gamer, but I did love this! A novel set in the future about an international cloud based game that is littered with eighties references – sign me the frick up.

31114950No Virgin – Anne Cassidy
I spotted this in the library and was drawn in by the attention grabbing cover and the fact that the blurb consists of “My name is Stacey Woods and I was raped”. I’ve read a lot of books about this subject this year (which sounds like a strange thing to say, I didn’t intend to do that, I just think that sexual assault and consent have been on the forefront in recent years, as they should). While this was an important story, I don’t think it was handled very well, its very short and I think it could have done with being bulked out a little. Stacey didn’t have enough room to grow on me, I just didn’t feel like I knew her or even wanted to, she also spends a lot of time blaming herself, which I know can happen, but I wanted her to remember that she wasn’t at fault. Would like to discuss this further though if any of you guys have read it – let me know!

568061The Colour Purple – Alice Walker
So if you saw my video about all the bookish things, you’ll know that I visited the library and found out about the reading passport, this is my first trip and let’s face it, a book I should have read already. This was honestly one of the most harrowing things I’ve ever read, I can’t say as I enjoyed it, it’s a bit hard to enjoy something like this, but its something I can check off of my things I should have read already list.

23361172Paperweight – Meg Haston
This catches my eye every time I visit the library and finally the time came and I checked it out. I did a whole post on this just because I felt like the subject matter deserved more than just a few lines in a round up post and also, you know me, I do like to give you guys trigger warnings and I felt like I needed a bit more of an explanation. So… Check that out here.

29567432Generation Next – Oli White and Terry Ronald
I’ve never watched any of Oli White’s videos, but like I’m in the internet, so I know the name (even if I couldn’t tell what he looked like…). While I’m glad that this book actually does acknowledge the ghost writer I am a bit like… Why give Oli White a publishing contract when he can’t write the thing himself?! Eurgh. Also, though this was an interesting idea for a story, I didn’t get on with the way it was written at all. Good idea, badly executed. Can someone point me towards a YouTuber who has a publishing deal because theyre talented as opposed to because they have a big audience?

31182580Motherland – Jo McMillan
Honestly, I mostly picked this up because it’s about communism and the Daily Fail recommended it and I thought that was kind of funny… Anyway, while this was an interesting take on a mother/daughter relationship set against a strong political ideology I was hoping it would be a bit more… Well, more. I wanted to learn more about the eastern block and communism and British communists and that was kind of a backdrop as opposed to the main focus. Which is fine, but not what I was looking for!

31259053Saying goodbye to London – Julie Burtinshaw
The last ARC of the year! I mentioned it in my last book video and showed you the cover… Honestly, I think the cover was the best bit… Sorry, I will do a more thorough review of this in the next few days or so, once I have my thoughts together! I picked this up mostly because of the cover, look at that cover and because I love London, tis my home town after all, this was about a very different London and while I thought the story was interesting, I don’t think it was executed very well… Anyway, look out for my thoughts!

Films I watched this month:

You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter, have been keeping up with my Film reviews in 10 tweets or less posts or this video, that I really like films and that I spend a lot of time watching them, so here are all the films (some new, some rewatches) that graced my television this month!

  • Men in Black
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • The Muppets Most Wanted
    I had a craving after all those evil Kermit memes.
  • School of Rock
  • Frozen
  • Moana
    Took the oldest munchkin out for the day to see this! I really enjoyed it! The soundtrack is my latest to buy!
  • Love Actually
  • Naked Gun
    My brother and I may have concerned our collective facebook friend list by sending each other quotes from this…
  • Die Hard
  • Home Alone
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol
  • Hateful 8
  • The Adventures of Tin Tin
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Raiders of the Lost Arc
  • The Take

There are a lot of movies on the list this month, blame Christmas, there are always way more movies on than usual at this time of year!

TV I watched his month:

  • Class
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Tatoo Fixers
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
    I’m a big fan of the book I’m not sure yet what I think of the Netflix series, I think the characters are all a little too young… But I’ll stick with it!
  • The Crown
  • Timeless
  • Doctor Who Christmas Special
    Is it me or is Doctor Who just getting worse?

My favourite Instagram posts this month:

House pride

A post shared by leah-marie (@leahisdudish) on

It got very cold at the beginning of the month which meant that I got to show off my house pride on my morning commute.

I found bath's baubal

A post shared by leah-marie (@leahisdudish) on

Bath’s Christmas lights looked pretty spesh this year.

Took the munchkin out on the train today. She found the metro very interesting

A post shared by leah-marie (@leahisdudish) on

I took my niece out for the day, we got the train into town to see Moana!

Much jolly very christmas

A post shared by leah-marie (@leahisdudish) on

What I did on YouTube this month:

What I loved on YouTube this month:

There were so many awesome videos on Dan and Phil Games this month, so I’m just going to go ahead and recommend their whole channel! YouTube Rewind arrived in December, so many memes, so many memories and is it just me or did Dan Howell’s Stranger Things inspired wardrobe look a little Marty Mcfly? Because he’s in my favourite film and if so, D Hizzle, you are the one for me. Hit me up yeah? Stepping away from British boys with great fringes for the moment, I also enjoyed James Corden’s festive Carpool Karaoke, Casey Neistat’s batshit crazy drone video and this cute skit from KickthPJ. Also this month, Tyler and Josh were super nice and gave us a Christmas gift by releasing five reimagined songs with MuteMath and they made a video about it too and head here to download the songs for free before 18th January! Hannah Witton did Vlognukkah instead of Vlogmas (why didn’t I think of that last year?!) the videos were all so good and interesting, so check all of those out!


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