#LoveThisQuote -Milk and Honey

So I am on a mission. Well, I say a mission, I am actually on two missions and this particular post will introduce you to both of them. Firstly, I am looking to broaden my reading horizons, I have mentioned before that I want to read more non fiction, I also generally want to read outside my comfort zone and it’s not really going very well for me so far! I decided to start with some adult fiction in a genre I don’t usually go for and well… I wasn’t the intended audience and next, a poetry book, Milk and Honey.

the thing about writing is i can’t tell if it’s healing or destroying me

That line though.

Here’s the thing, I didn’t really like Milk and Honey, I don’t know if its just that I’m not experienced with poetry or if it was the intensity of the content but I didn’t get on with it that well. This line though this is all about the second mission. You see, I am currently in a long going battle with writer’s block so for me the writing or lack thereof is kind of destroying me.


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