leah's stupid life

Birthday blues

I am stealing an idea from Sophie, because plagerism is the best form of flattery.
It is nearing my birthday, which means that I am now only a year away from leaving my twenties and I’m not ready. Like, when you’re a kid, you can’t imagine anything past the age of twenty, it’s too much into the future but now I’m here and I just can’t deal with it. This is so different to my usual birthday blues, I have birthday blues every year, I think its because I’m naturally very nostalgic and existential, but when it comes to my birthday, I always add a dash of lonliness in there too and get a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the universe and how insignificant my life is in comparison. So, yeah, birthday blues.

Anyway, Sophie does a post every year where she talks about the things she would like to achieve before her next birthday and considers the things she has achieved from her last birthday.
Now, I’m not one for resolutions, I tend to feel a bit too much pressure when it comes to resolutions and then I don’t end up doing them and feeling like a failure. But my next birthday is a bit of a milestone, so I think I should make more of an effort. And well. I like lists. Here’s a list of things I would like to do before I get to thirty and have to accept the fact that I am a proper grown up. You guys can hold me to this. I’m counting on you.

Before I reach my next birthday I would like…

  • To be fluent in another language
  • To see the Northern Lights
  • To go on a date (I’ve never been on one!)
  • To finish my next novel
  • To publish a novel… (We’ll see how we get on with that)
  • To join a band
  • To finally FINALLY do the thing I’ve been putting off for ten years and get a tattoo

Whether any of these things are doable is another thing entirely, but you know, it’s good to dream!


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