Zenith – Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

The first thing you need to know about this book is this: LADY SPACE PIRATES. Yep. Lady. Space. Pirates.
I shouldn’t really need to say anything more about this book, but… I kind of do.

Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness, a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy. To those aboard her glass starship, Marauder, however, she’s just Andi, their friend and fearless leader.
But when a routine mission goes awry, the Marauder’s all-girl crew is tested as they find themselves in a treacherous situation and at the mercy of a sadistic bounty hunter from Andi’s past.
Meanwhile, across the galaxy, a ruthless ruler waits in the shadows of the planet Xen Ptera, biding her time to exact revenge for the destruction of her people. The pieces of her deadly plan are about to fall into place, unleashing a plot that will tear Mirabel in two.
Andi and her crew embark on a dangerous, soul-testing journey that could restore order to their shipor just as easily start a war that will devour worlds. As the Marauder hurtles toward the unknown, and Mirabel hangs in the balance, the only certainty is that in a galaxy run on lies and illusion, no one can be trusted.

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to read this after spending most of my time at YALC trying to find the ARC and I think this suffered from me building this book up too much. Don’t you hate it when that happens?
So honestly, I desperately wanted to love this, like seriously this is a book about lady space pirates. That’s awesome! What a concept! But I just… *shrugs*

I mean, I’m not going to bash this book… if you wanna read some of the more hard hitting reviews, head to goodreads, I wanna be positive this year but… *breathes*

Ok, so overall, this was entertaining and was fairly enjoyable. In places. It wasn’t good… I mean it wasn’t the worst book I’ve ever read, but this wasn’t as epic as Space Pirates should be. Maybe that’s my main issue, that its a kind of generic YA novel…. If you’ve read Six of Crows or Throne of Glass or watched Guardians of the Galaxy, you’ll recognise a lot of those things in this book.  I think if I were younger I’d be all over this book (I mean, I do feel like I should point out that there is a bit that’s super rapey and I really didn’t like that, but like, generally the concept is good!), I do love fantasy and sci fi, even though I don’t get around to reading them that often, and seriously ladies kicking ass, who doesn’t want that?!
The main problem I have with this is that this book is far too long. The authors could have quite easily told the same story in 300 pages, there was so much narrative and backstory which just didn’t add to the story and it felt at times that some of it was included just to up the word count, I found myself skimming over so much of the book and I did consider DNF-ing at various points, but thankfully, the last few chapters actually got pretty exciting. With the amount of pages, there should be a bit more world building, there should be a bit more explanations, I’m hoping that we see more of this in the next few books.

I’m just kinda sad cos space pirates is too good to pass over. I’m just not that zazzed about the way its written. Like I said this wasn’t terrible and there were bits I really enjoyed. I’d like to know if anyone else has read this and if so, what they thought!


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