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What Leah Wore: grl pwr

Hello and welcome to another edition of What Leah Wore, a very infrequent feature where I show off stuff I’ve worn if it’s at all relevant.

I pride myself in being the sort of person who has a t shirt for every occasion. Going to see a Marvel movie? Check. World Book Day? Check. International Women’s Day? Check and check.

You might know that I have a new job now, I’m a content editor at a publisher, I am incredibly busy but I am having a blast. It’s not like anywhere I’ve ever worked before, for starters we can listen to and wear whatever we want. We can also play with exercise balls and other such fun. Oh and everyone in the office is female. I’ve never been in an all women team before, but it’s honestly so refreshing to be in an environment where we all understand the difficulties that can sometimes face females in the work place. Naturally, I had to wear this shirt today and naturally I had to pose with a copy of Sally Nicholls’ Things A Bright Girl Can Do, which is a story about several young girls involved in the fight for women’s suffrage, from suffragettes to suffragists, plus there are women from different social classes and sexualities. If you’ve not read it, get on it, I loved it!

Oh and because this feature is all about showing off my clothes, here’s a better view of the shirt.

Shirt: Monki.
Jeans: (not pictured) New Look.
Shoes: (not pictured) New Look.


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