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August 2018

How the hell it is August already? August has been one of those weird months, on the one hand, it was pretty good, England decided to stop pretending that it actually existed on the surface of the sun so it was cool enough to be able to enjoy myself this month!  I hosted my second ever dinner party at my little flat which was pretty awesome, I nerded out at comic con, I disappointed my mother further by getting more tattoos… Weird how things change from this post isn’t it?! But at the same time, this month I’ve been super ill and so has my grandfather, so swings and roundabouts I guess.

What I read this month:

The Nightingale – Kirsten Hannah
This was so much more intense than I thought it was going to be, I am a huge fan of books set in wartime, particularly ones set in countries I don’t live in (UK history lessons focus far too much on just the ‘good’ bits of British history which SUCKS) and I knew I would like this book because wartime and France. But my God, this was horrific and riveting in equal measure.

Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli
I love when I find characters with my name and as I loved Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda, I was desperate to read this. I definitely preferred Simon Vs than this, I found Leah a difficult character to like through most of the book and some of the conflict felt a bit contrived at times… That’s not to say I didn’t like this, I thought it was enjoyable enough and I was happy to return to this friendship group, I just feel like Leah seemed like a better person when she wasn’t the lead character, which is a shame.

The Girl with all the Gifts – M R Carey
This feels like its been on my TBR for ever, so when I finally spotted it in the library I took my chance. The front cover of this tells me that if I only read one book this year that it should be this one and that it is the thriller of the year. Well… I mean, I liked it, but I think the only reason I would rave about it is if it was the only book I’d read this year. I thought it was an interesting story about ethics and Melanie and the reactions to her were all fascinating to watch unfold, but I kinda wish I understood a little more about the parasite and I didn’t particularly care for the ending. Anyone else read it? Thoughts?

Aurabel – Laura Dockrill
My second Laura Dockrill book of the year! I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Loralei back when it first came out and when Aurabel was announced I was determined I was going to get right on that. Only… It’s been a couple of years since then and I’ve only just gotten to it. Oooops. This was good, but I did prefer Loralei, I’m not entirely sure this was a necessary addition to the story but it was fun just the same.

Vox – Christina Dalcher
Wow, where do I even start with this? This is an amazing political dystopia which is has so many parallels with real life America that its a little bit scary. You can read all my thoughts here, but basically, if you like your novels to give you plenty to chew on, question and think then you might want to grab this. Also Chistina Dalcher tweeted me. So we’re basically besties now.

Whistle in the Dark – Emma Healey
This was another book I was sent by the folk over at Netgalley, I’d requested it because I Emma Healey’s first book has been on my tbr for so long and I’ve not year found it anywhere, so I figured grabbing her follow up would be the next best thing. It really wasn’t what I expected and I found it was drawn out a bit. You can see my thoughts here

From Twinkle, with love – Sandaya Menon
I am loving all the diverse YA we’re getting at the moment! I must confess that I was sent this for review FOREVER ago and have only just gotten around to it. My bad. It is a very cute rom com with a cast of interesting characters and was just a lovely fipperous read –  thoughts coming soon!

Keep Moving – Dick Van Dyke
I mean, who doesn’t love Dick Van Dkye, forget national treasure, he is an international treasure. I’ve been seeing rather a lot of him recently because my bird is very fond of the Diagnosis Murder theme tune, so we have to watch it every Saturday and Sunday morning! Anyway, I found one of his autobiographies and thought I’d find out more about the man that contributed to two of my favourite childhood films! This is Dick Van Dyke’s take on growing older and is full of helpful advice about how to be young at heart, all this from someone who is in his nineties and is still singing, dancing and acting!

Films I watched this month:
You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter, have been keeping up with my Film reviews in 10 tweets or less posts or this video, that I really like films and that I spend a lot of time watching them, so here are all the films (some new, some rewatches) that graced my television/ cinema screen this month!

  • Ant Man and the Wasp
  • Death of Stalin
  • Kinky Boots
  • Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children

TV I watched this month:

  • Diagnosis Murder
    My bird loves the theme tune and honestly, so do I
  • Reggie Yates: Extreme
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Supernatural
  • Dark Tourist
  • Body Guard

My favourite Instagram posts this month:


What I’ve been listening to this month:

What I did on YouTube this month:

What I loved on YouTube this month:

I should really get back into making YouTube videos huh?
Here are my faves for this month – firstly, Emma Blackery challenged herself to learn enough Swedish using Duolingo to write a song and the result was actually a bit of a bop, her official new single is also a bit of bop, so four for you Emma, you go Emma.
Tomska continued with his Last Month series and I always enjoy Tom’s DarkSquidge content. We had another weird anime style game with added marshmallow shenanigans with Dan and Phil which made me laugh, twenty one pilots released another video and WHAT A BOP. The Hillywood Show did it again with their second Supernatural parody and it is a doozy!


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