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You and Meow

For the last day of my twenties, my friend George took me on a trip to Bristol to visit You and Meow, Bristol’s first cat cafe for vegan afternoon tea and many cat cuddles!

I have been to a cat cafe before, having visited Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London a couple of years back, but I hadn’t managed to get to the one in Bristol so when George surprised me with afternoon tea there I knew I was going to have a great day! I love cats. I also love hanging out with George and I love experiencing new things which I would be doing with the vegan afternoon tea!

Honestly, You and Meow is a great place.

It’s a very different atmosphere to Lady Dinah’s. You and Meow is very light and airy, it’s quiet and so, so chill. There were a great collection of cats, including Thomas who can you follow on Instagram, all of them were so friendly and seemed so happy to be chilling out with the small collection of humans that were visiting them!

Our afternoon tea came out really quickly and included scones, jam, sandwiches and so many cakes. Seriously, it was amazing! I don’t know what I liked more, the afternoon tea or getting to stroke all these soft, purry kitties! I’ve never had actual afternoon tea before, so I’m not sure how the vegan one compares, but we had a selection of two sandwiches and only one of them was fallafel based which is a pretty big deal for vegans! The scones were super nice (I can’t remember the last time I had a scone), there was a great selection of tea (especially for us as we don’t really do tea) and the cakes were amazing! We had flapjacks, gooey cakes, brownies, millionaire shortbread and squares of chocolate. It was amazing.

And of course, there were the cats!
There was a moment during our session where we were given little bowls of biscuits and we got to give them treats! It was amazing being able to get so close to these beautiful cats!

If you’re in Bristol and you love cats, you have to go! It was such a great afternoon out!


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