#LoveThisQuote – Anita and Me

I'm really not a liar, I just learned very early on that those of us deprived of history sometimes need to turn to mythology to feel complete, to belong.  


Big Bones

Big Bones - Laura Dockrill I may have mentioned this before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but I love Laura Dockrill, she is such an underrated writer and such a fabulous person! Like, seriously, she is wonderful. And once again, she's created a completely loveable protagonist, no matter how much I loved the… Continue reading Big Bones

The Read List

March 2018

March and Spring hit with a lovely dose of snow. You know its bloody cold when the south west gets snow, we literally never get snow!! But the snow meant hiding indoors at the beginning of the month and my first experience of working from home. Which was... way less exciting than I'd originally imagined.… Continue reading March 2018