This is a bit of an ego trip for me, but recently, I seem to have had an influx of questions being asked about my books, as in the ones that I’ve written, this blog and most importantly, those questions that everyone needs to know the answer to. It pains me to do this because nothing irritates me more than people who think they are better than they are, I don’t want to come across that way, but I also don’t want to have to keep answering the same questions over and over again – seriously though, I am insanely grateful that you have read and engaged with something that I have written… And that is really the only reason why I am writing and posting this. So that I don’t have to keep answering the same questions and so that I can make a note of them all to make things less confusing in the future. And because knowing that I need an FAQ page for my own works of fiction makes my heart go wee. Like super wee.


General Questions.
Will you review my book?
Yes. Yes I will. I will read literally everything and I will review it if you want me to 🙂

Can we be friends on goodreads?
God yes.

Are you interested in doing guest posts?
Yes! Its not something I’ve done a lot of, but yes! I am so up for that!

Who would win in a fight between a shark and a bear?
I think the bear would end the shark.

Kindles or books?
Both. I love having a physical book because they look great on a shelf and they feel nice and I like being able to see how much I have left to go, but I also really like the fact that with a kindle I have an entire library in my pocket.

Why did you start doing a 365 project?
Because I take pictures for a living and I want them to be good, so I want to get as much practise in as I can!

Book related questions.
Are your ebooks only for kindle?
Harley’s Angels is because its only available on the kindle store but the others are available for kindle and ibooks. I think if you run the file through something like calibre it might be able to convert it into whatever ereader you have.

Do you have an agent? Can I have their details?
No… So… No. Sorry! I don’t have an agent, which is nice because it means that I don’t have to write to deadlines, but also sucks, because I have to do all my own promotion etc and I hate doing that.

Where do you get character names from?
Mostly from a big book of baby names, but I always name one character after someone from whatever TV show I am currently obsessed with. (Hence why I have characters called Hal, Blaine and Castiel).

Did you base any characters on real people?
Yes,in Harley’s Angels,  John, Chris, Stew and Aron all exist in real life. Danny (to me) is basically Robert Sheehan and Harley’s granddad is based on my own granddad and in Indigo Rose, Devon is basically Harry Styles, but generally I don’t like to base characters on real people because that would be all kinds of awful if they didn’t like that character.

Harley’s Angels.
Where do I get Harley’s Angels apart from Amazon?
Unfortunately for you, if you have a grudge against Amazon, it is the only place you can get a copy… I suppose you could order it straight from the publisher, Create Space, but they are owned by Amazon so you’ll still be giving them your money. I guess you could try and request it from a library or something, that might be an option for you. Or you could steal it 🙂

Was it really written in six weeks?
The first draft was, but the subsequent rewrites, redrafts etc took several months and the idea itself was something I’d been playing with for a while.

Where did the cover design come from?
That was all the work of my wonderfully talented friend Laura. She does commissions and also posts lactose free desert recipes on her blog.

What happened to the original Harley’s Angels acknowledgement?
I changed it so I wouldn’t be sued.

Is Hal named after Hal from Being Human?
Yeah… I kinda mentioned that before, but yes kind of. I wanted to homage some of my favourite vampire related things, eventually I stuck with the name because its old fashioned and I couldn’t imagine him called anything else. Topher was originally called Xander but I thought that would be talking it a bit far.

Where did the idea of Harley’s Angels come from?
I wanted to write a vampire novel that wasn’t sexist or romantic and after I accepted the svfm 6 week challenge it grew from there.

What is the 6 week challenge?
Find out more here.

Will there be a sequel?
No. But there are prequels which are available for free and there is a sequel for Lucy in Love. I am planning for the book of secrets to be the first in a series but I haven’t gotten round to that yet.

Does Harley’s dad ever reappear?
He’s out there somewhere but he’s under a new identity and he won’t be contacting Jake, Frank or Molly. He’s also suffering from a guilty conscience and is very aware that Lucifer is waiting for him.

How did Doctor Webb die?
A horrific demon related incident.

Do you actually like Glee and One Direction?
Yes. If I mock something its usually from a place of caring.

Lucy in Love.
What happens between the last chapter and the epilogue?
Rachel fosters Blaine, Roy moves into the Dixon house hold, the Hughes’ move away, Blaine has a mini break down, sorts herself out and she and Lucy finish school, start college and epilogue! (After the epilogue, Roy and Rachel get married.)

Why is the Sequel for Maxine called the Sequel for Maxine?
Well… Cos it’s for Maxine.

Is Blaine you?
No. See the whole basing characters on real people thing. We share common traits (toast and squash preferences) and we are both short and dark haired, but I’m probably more like Lucy. Though hopefully less self involved.

Do they stay together?
I hope so!

Is it based on a true story?
No, I just wanted to write an LGBT story that I wanted to read. It’s based on a load of songs that happened to play in succession on my ipod. So, if you like The Beatles, Colbie Callait and Young the Giant then you might like it.

Is Lucy pretty?
She’s much prettier than she thinks she is but you can picture her however you like.

The Book of Secrets
Why did you make Orion so weak and the other girls so strong?
Orion isn’t weak. She doesn’t need to be rescued, she just doesn’t believe in her own abilities. On more than one occasion she only ends up being ‘rescued’ because she gets dragged away from the action, not because she can’t handle herself. She is the rescuer herself at several points. Just because she isn’t any good in a fight, doesn’t mean she isn’t strong. She’s brave, she’s dealing with a lot and just because she doesn’t know how to start a fire or how to survive in the wild it doesn’t make her weak. 

Why is Alfie Orion’s match but not Nick?
Nick and Alfie aren’t the same person, Orion’s too stubborn for someone as passive as Nick. She needs a person like Alfie around who’s going to stand up to her and give her as good as she gets.

Funky Jack Bonkins
What is this #FJB thing on Twitter?
FJB = Funky Jack Bonkins which is a book that I wrote with my friend, Chris, and will be available at some point soon! Similarly, FJB2 is the sequel!