#LoveThisQuote – Mad Girl

I'm going to cheat here and put in more than one quote because I love Bryony Gordon's Mad Girl too much to just have one! These kids have no idea how good they've got it. You think we had it easier, worrying that our skin is going to burn off and melt away every time… Continue reading #LoveThisQuote – Mad Girl

The Read List

June 2018

I saw Hamilton and one of my best friends got married and I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream to do falconry - June was a wild month! So, first off, the month started with me heading to the home town to finally see Hamilton, I've literally been waiting 18 months to see it and it… Continue reading June 2018


The Pirate Ship Book Tag!

*affects pirate accent* Ahoy me hearties, I was tagged in a Pirate Ship Book Tag by Sophie and this was supposed to be a YouTube video, but HAYFEVER. Like seriously, I have swollen eyes and a runny nose. It isn't pretty. Oh, you can stop thinking of the accent now. Also, I am in the… Continue reading The Pirate Ship Book Tag!

The Read List

May 2018

May started with my brother surprising us all by introducing us to his new puppy - he's a pug called Frank (after the dog from Men in Black, not our grandad or our other brother, who are both also called Frank) and he's super cute. I headed back to my hometown with my parents for… Continue reading May 2018