365 month 12!!

Well this is it guys, full circle! The final 365 post!
I really enjoyed doing it and I think I have become a better photographer, to the point where I am considering doing a proper course in photography at some point this year, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing into 2015 with the photo a day thing. Part way through the challenge I stopped setting up shots and started just taking random, natural photos which I actually preferred. But that’s it from me, here are the last 31 photos of the challenge!


365 month 11!

I can’t believe this is my penultimate 365 post! It literally feels like I started this challenge yesterday!! I hope you’ve all been enjoying my poor photography skills this year and that you haven’t all realised how dull I am IRL. I managed to pick up a DSLR in the black Friday sales recently, so I am anticipating the final month of this to be UH-MAZE-ING. Well… We will see!



365 month 9

Gods of photography everywhere, I feel I need help, we are now in October and I am nine months down on my 365 challenge and my photographs appear to be getting worse. Luckily for me, I am off to Berlin today, so at least next month there will be something more exciting than food and shoes. Here is my photo a day for the month of September!



365 month 8

Do you see that? Do you?
Actual commitment phobe Leah Smith who never, ever, ever sticks to New Year’s Resolutions has managed to go eight whole months without actually giving up on the one she made in January. I think I deserve a hug or something. Four for me Leah Coco! You go Leah Coco!
Having said that, I do feel like I’m burning out a little with this, the OKDOTHIS app is a life saver, if you are a creative photographer type and you need some inspiration of things to photograph sometimes, definitely get this app, it will, figuratively speaking, solve all your problems! Also, I am very sorry for all the food pictures. I’m in the process of changing my diet. So… Sorry.




So much food!
This month has been fun! Two lots of hanging with my besties, lots of baking and lots of eating! Next month I’ll be super old!



365 Month 7

Where has all the time gone!
Seven months! Seven months of taking a photo every day without fail and while I think my photography is getting better, it might not show so much in my pictures, getting a picture is much more important than it looking nice, but when I take pictures for work I notice how much better the framing and the use of light is compared to the ones I was taking at the beginning of the year or back last February when I started this job and that, for me, is the main thing. I don’t know if I’ll continue doing a photo a day after the new year, but I am looking forward to being able to show off what I’ve learned in the past few months!


Lots of bookish pictures this month, I’ve noticed every month when I upload all of these pictures there always seems to be a theme. Most of the time it’s my cats or my shoes. This month it seems to be flowers and books and honestly, there’s only one of those things that I actually like.
Next month I hope to have lots of popvinyl related pictures as I’m desperately hunting for Guardians of the Galaxy related ones and I’ve heard they’re releasing Doctor Who ones! Plus, my long awaited Charlie Bradbury should be on its way soon too!

365 Month 6!

Guys, we’ve made it half way through the year and I’m still going!
This is the longest I have ever managed to keep up a new year’s resolution! Go me!!

Now that summer is here, I think I’m going to find more outdoorsy things to photograph! It seems a shame to waste the blue skies and pretty flowers! I’m still impressed that I’ve actually managed to keep this up for six months though! I never usually make resolutions because I can never keep to them. Achievement unlocked!


365 Month 5!

I’d love this month’s 365 to feature loads of pictures of my new car which I was supposed to have picked up already, but for some reason, unknown to all, it still isn’t ready, so instead, you’ll have to deal with pictures of Helmore’s car instead, seeing as that’s the car I’ve spent most of my time in this month. Not that I’m bitter about my car not being on my drive right now or anything…

I’m loving that the sun has finally made an appearance! I think photos always look better when the sun is shining!