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New Voices 2018

Hello there internet, want to hear about the totally random, but fun Thursday night I had recently? Sure you do. I have been invited to blogger events before and honestly, I've never gone. If you've been here before you'll know that I'm naturally an anxious and depressed person, so walking into a room full of… Continue reading New Voices 2018


The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things -  Ruth Hogan I was sent this to review so long ago that its been out to buy for MONTHS. Sorry. I got distracted by all the things, but I did at least manage to finish it in the year I was sent it, so that's something at least! Lime… Continue reading The Keeper of Lost Things


Here We Are Now

Here We Are Now - Jasmine Warga After absolutely loving My Heart and Other Black Holes I jumped at the chance to read Jasmine Warga's next book and this didn't disappoint! Despite sending him letters ever since she was thirteen, Taliah Abdallat never thought she'd ever really meet Julian Oliver. But one day, while her… Continue reading Here We Are Now

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Gather the Daughters

Gather the Daughter - Jennie Melamed The lovely people of Bookbridgr sent me a gorgeous hardcover of this (seriously the dust jacket is beautiful) right around the time that the Handmaid's Tale was wrapping up, it's almost like they knew I would be hunting for something to fill the Offred sized hole that was left… Continue reading Gather the Daughters

leah's stupid life

ARC haul, the reading passport, being a proud big sister? A book video in three parts

Yeah, I'm still doing that YouTube thing even though Dan Howell still doesn't know I exist and I still don't have enough subs to get into the YouTube space, but the YouTube thing is fun! And sometimes my love of books bleeds into life over on my channel, so one post spread across two social networks… Continue reading ARC haul, the reading passport, being a proud big sister? A book video in three parts


When the floods came

When the Floods Came - Clare Morrall First things first I'mma eat your brains - wait, that's Nicki, I'm not gonna do that... First things first I'm going to thank Bookbridgr and Hodder and Staughton books for sending this to me. Second I'm going to draw your attention to how pretty this cover is and… Continue reading When the floods came