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July roundup

July began with that huge change that we talked about in June, I started my new job! This month has mostly been learning about robots, amongst other things! This month saw the fourth anniversary of my book's release, you can check out Harley's Angels on the sidebar if you know... You like! It was great… Continue reading July roundup

leah's stupid life

Happy birthday, Harley!   My book was released two years ago today!! So, happy birthday, Harley! If you haven't checked it out then head to my website ( where you can get the character prequels for free!! Also, you can check the book out on goodreads and befriend me if you like! (Because I am nice... even… Continue reading Happy birthday, Harley!

leah's stupid life

Happy First Birthday, Harley’s Angels!

  A year ago, I was sat at Mardon's social club with my parents, my uncle Ryan and my auntie Julie watching my dad's friend's band murder a Kasabian classic, when I had a text from my good friend, Chris Loveder, telling me he had just added my book to his Amazon shopping cart... And… Continue reading Happy First Birthday, Harley’s Angels!

leah's stupid life

Shameless self promotion and a question or two.

I really hate self promotion. Like, really, really hate it. See, the thing is, I'm a writer by trade (no really, I write for a newspaper by day and then at night, I write many a fictional tale) and self promotion is the only way that I can get an audience for the things that… Continue reading Shameless self promotion and a question or two.

Top 5

Top 5…

Holiday reads! So I'm going on holiday! In ten days I'll be strolling around the city of Paris which I am ever so excited about! I've wanted to go since watching Midnight in Paris and then I read A Moveable Feast and decided I HAD to go, so, just in case you guys are also… Continue reading Top 5…