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Let me introduce you to my brain

Hey, wanna know something super not cool? My brain sucks. Here's the thing, I hate it when people post personal stuff on the internet. I mean, I can't be the only one who scrolls through Facebook trying to locate all the memes that were funny on Tumblr 5 years ago and injures themselves from eyerolling… Continue reading Let me introduce you to my brain


Hello me, it’s you

Hello me, it's you - Various I picked this up for review after seeing the blurb, you all know I've been trying to read more non fiction, and I love books in letter format, this is a compilation of letters from a group of young people aimed at their younger selves about their mental health… Continue reading Hello me, it’s you

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Every Last Word

Every Last Word - Tamara Ireland Stone I really wished that I had the time to read this during TimeToChange because it would have been so topical and relevant and I really wanted to be able to join the discussion without having to share things that I am still not really comfortable discussing on the… Continue reading Every Last Word