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Great Bookish Bakeoff – Gingerbread people!

  The cakes I bake and the books I read while baking them.  This time we are baking with a difference! Every previous attempt to make gingerbread has gone terribly wrong for me, I've always ended up making cake instead of biscuit dough, this time though, I was in possession of my grandfather's cook book… Continue reading Great Bookish Bakeoff – Gingerbread people!

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Winter is coming

Just a quick update on where I'm at with my 6 week challenge, we're in the third (?) week now and I've had a play with a few different editing programmes, I've edited four vids now, two are currently on my youtube (one will be going up at the weekend) and two on the series… Continue reading Winter is coming

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Paper Aeroplanes

Paper Aeroplanes - Dawn O'Porter You know when you've wanted to read a book for what feels like an eternity and you hype it up to the point where your expectations are virtually impossible to reach? I did that with this, I have been coveting it for ages, but unlike most books I have wanted… Continue reading Paper Aeroplanes

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Keeping you a secret

Keeping you a secret - Julie Ann Peters Judging by the cover, a blurb hardly seems necessary.... I seem to spend my life searching for LGBT fiction where the characters are more than their sexuality. I know it's somewhat revelatory, but a person's orientation is not the only thing they have going on in their… Continue reading Keeping you a secret